Saving Money and Building Wealth: Wealth Consciousness

Here is a secret to building wealth: before you ever accumulate any substantial sum of money you must gain a wealth consciousness.

What is “wealth consciousness”?
It is a consciousness of abundance that recognizes that you deserve wealth and financial rewards in life just for being you. It is a fundamental law of the universe that if you don’t think you deserve something then you will most certainly not get it. You must first of all recognize that you deserve something before you will ever receive it.

Those who have it in the back of their mind that they don’t deserve money or that money is evil will most certainly find that circumstances dictate that they will experience financial lack regardless of their talent, opportunities and experience. Even if you find this hard to believe, it is hard to argue with the fact that a negative attitude, in and of itself, creates problems of its own. And having a poverty consciousness certainly qualifies as a bad attitude in the realm of finances.

Poverty consciousness is the opposite of wealth consciousness. Poverty consciousness focuses on lack and the fact that ones needs are never met. This belief system is the fundamental reason that most people do not accumulate wealth. Therefore when they do get money they act like they will never get it again and thus spend it all at one time rather than accumulating it. How much money you make has no bearing if you can accumulate wealth, believe it or not. There are people making incomes twice the median average who still do not accumulate wealth and then there are people making the median income who are able to accumulate wealth. One has wealth consciousness and one does not. It is simple as that.

Increasing wealth
What can you do to increase your wealth consciousness and build wealth? First of all you must banish all thoughts of lack. Next you must replace them with thoughts of abundance and realize that there is always enough to go around and that you won’t run out of anything. Feel that more will always be coming instead of acting like you will never have it again. Once you have mastered this mindset then you too will begin to accumulate money.

Examine what your own attitude has been towards wealth. Do you have a wealth consciousness or a poverty consciousness? How has your financial situation reflected this belief? Or perhaps you have a wealth consciousness but still no wealth. What is the problem then? The problem is you have only taken the mental steps necessary and not followed through with action.

Integrity is essential in anything but especially when dealing with belief systems and underlying attitudes, which define our behavior. Even after you change your beliefs, make sure you are following up with actions, which are in harmony with those beliefs. Think about what wealth consciousness means to you and try to determine what behaviors and actions you can change to be in line with this new belief.

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