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Financial planning is essential for achieving your long-term financial goals and creating a stable financial future. Our expert tips, advice, and resources provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to develop a comprehensive financial plan, from setting financial goals and creating a budget to investing and retirement planning. With our help, you’ll learn how to make informed decisions about your finances and build a strong financial foundation for yourself and your family.

What is a Credit Score?

Here we present credit scores explained in an easy to understand way. Understanding your credit score is crucial for managing your finances, whether you’re just starting to build credit or have been doing so for a while. A credit score is a number that represents your creditworthiness to lenders. Lenders use it to determine loan … Continue reading What is a Credit Score?

What is Insurance?

What is Insurance?  Do I need it? What are the costs and benefits?  These are all common questions and there are easy to understand answers.    Insurance can seem complicated and confusing because you are paying for something that you don’t intend to use. Nobody wants to have something terrible happen to them. However, a … Continue reading What is Insurance?

What is Saving?

Saving is when you are not spending all the money that you have that you have earned. Because you are “saving” it. It’s the process of putting aside money for future uses, and not spending it immediately.   Why should we save money? You can save money to achieve short-term goals, such as saving to … Continue reading What is Saving?

Choosing a Financial Planner

You might think that you don’t need a financial planner. Many people are convinced that they can do their own research, come to their own decisions and decide the best way to invest or use their money. That might true for you. But unless you are knowledgeable about both the legal and financial consequences of … Continue reading Choosing a Financial Planner

Saving Money and Accumulating Wealth: Fundamental Principles of Wealth and Resource Management

An objective of ours is to help you learn how to find financial success. However, there is more to doing that than just crunching numbers and making investments. The main reasons most people do not achieve financial success is because they fail to apply fundamental lessons that apply on a much wider basis than finance alone. This section … Continue reading Saving Money and Accumulating Wealth: Fundamental Principles of Wealth and Resource Management

Creating a Debt List

We have discussed a wish list as an important aspect of financial planning but there is another list just as important. This article focuses on the opposite of the wish list, the debt list. The debt list is just as important as the wish list and therefore just as much attention should be paid to it though … Continue reading Creating a Debt List

Family Budget Planning

Budgeting is a bad word to some people. What do you think of when you hear the word budget? Budgeting is something that every family should do to save for their future. In family budgeting the main thing that you need to remember is “the money that comes in is equal to the money spent.” In this way, you … Continue reading Family Budget Planning