Ways for Kids to Make Money

One day, your child will need to earn a living. Kids can get an edge on the work world by starting early and in doing so they will gain valuable experience working with different people, learning about managing money, have some money to spend once they get older, or save for college.

A lemonade stand, mowing lawns, baby sitting, and doing odd jobs are popular ways that kids can earn money while learning some important life skills.

But first ask yourself, is your child ready to work? Do they have the time, and it won’t interfere with their school work? If they are ready, then here are some ideas for kids to make money.

Also, to help encourage saving, see our budgeting section for some helpful lessons.


Baby Sitter
If you child likes younger kids, then a baby sitter is a popular choice. Parents often need a good and reliable baby sitter to watch their kids. This position can be even expanded into a baby sitting service, by joining together a group of people who can offer baby sitting services to all the parents in the neighborhood.

Parents Helper
A parents helper is similar to a baby sitter. However, if your child is too young to baby sit on their own, then a job helping parents is a good opportunity. They can help watch someone’s kids, assist with the feeding, playing, or doing chores around the house. Later, once your child is older, they would likely have gained some references for regular baby sitting work.

House Cleaning
Instead of a parents helper, your child could simply do house cleaning. There are many chores that would be suitable such as vacuuming, dusting, etc.

Lemonade Stand
Everyone is familiar with the old fashioned lemonade stand. Of course, this is a seasonal business, depending on your location. During other times of the year, it could be a warm apple cider business — but be careful if your child needs to handle hot items. Also try selling coffee, donuts, snack bags, or other food items. If possible, set up a booth at a local community fair, or sale if allowed.

In addition to food, there is the possibility of selling other types of items. Is your child good at crafts? Then have them make their own artwork to sell. Sometimes, a combination of food and items makes a good business.

Car Washing
Car washing is a needed service in many communities. Have your child get together with a few friends to offer to wash local cars. As an addition to this business, they can sell items mentioned in the lemonade stand section above while people wait for their car to be washed. See what other professional car washes charge in your area, and price the services competitively.

Animal Caretaker
If you child enjoys animals, then try an animal caretaker business. This might involve walking dogs, dog washing, or general grooming.

House and Pet Sitting
If a neighbor is taking a trip or vacation, then taking care of their house and/or pets may be an opportunity. This may include watering plants, and any other chores they may need.

Cutting grass, weeding, trimming, planting flowers, and other landscaping jobs are abundant. Scan the neighborhood for homes that need landscaping services. In the spring, offer to plant flowers, or do winter clean-up.

Snow Removal
In the winter time, many people need to have their driveways or sidewalks shoveled. This job works best when a group of kids can work together shoveling several houses. Create a business, and make arrangements to shovel peoples houses before the snow storm.

Additional Ideas

  • Ask what kids can do in their own home, such as writing little stories that they can sell to their family and friends.
  • Kids can create their own jewelry to sell, or decorate interesting rocks.
  • Raking leaves.

Tips for Running the Business
For many of these jobs, have your child print and hand out flyers to be distributed in the neighborhood. As the business grows, references or work previously done could be quoted.

Giving out free samples is always a good way to attract business. For services, offer coupons for new potential customers.

Safety and Other Points
Most important for any of these jobs, is making sure your child is safe, so make sure they are old enough to follow important safety guidelines including:

  • Make sure you always know where they are.
  • Avoid going door to door by themselves.
  • Recommend that they do jobs that they like to do. Be sure they are mentally prepared and committed to do the work they need to do and promise to do.
  • If there is a cost in setting up the business, make sure they have enough money and know where the money is going to come from.
  • All these jobs should not interfere with normal school work or completing homework for school.
  • Help them set fair prices for the work they are doing.
  • Tell them to come to you for advice if they need it.

Member Tips

Here are some more tips and ideas sent in from our members and readers of this site:

  • I once did a lemonade stand, 25 cents a cup and I ended up with $35.00.
  • I think its better to either baby-sit or car washing or paper rounds and also you can help in some shops.
  • Yard sale.
  • Ways to make money – mow lawn, lemonade stand, sell cards, cars wash, garage sale, dog sitting, cat sitting, basically pet sitting, baby sitting, and rake lawns.
  • Asking to take your dog for a walk or clean the dishes.
  • Paper route.
  • When your working at a lemonade stand, always be polite. Give people their change, say thank you.
  • Kids can make cookies, cakes, brownies, etc. only with adult supervision.
  • Bird house builder, $2.50 per house
  • Create your own mechanic or fixing job. For example fixing broken bikes.
  • Hey your kids could earn money by walking dogs or how about helping out with the community as they pay good money for little kids to get involved but parents have to sign permission.
  • Kids could do face painting at a town fair or in their neighborhood. Also, they could sell their own artwork.
  • Kids can also look around the house for toys or any thing that hasn’t been opened. then they could sell the items in their town.
  • Window washer, car washer, lemonade salesman.
  • A child can maybe help the elderly unpack or unload a car full of things such as groceries or bags of clothes etc.
  • When a child starts their own business it takes them to a level of learning. Sometimes a parent should not help their child with their business so that the child can learn by themselves.  Give them a few pointers but do not do the work for them. You won’t help when they are an adult so don’t make your help a habit on your child.
  • When it is hot out buy a case of bottle water and take it to school and sell it for $2 each.
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22 thoughts on “Ways for Kids to Make Money”

  1. My grand daughter wanted some money so i had her copy cds onto my computer. It’s fun, easy, and a good way to earn money.

  2. You can make money by thinking of something that hasn’t been invented yet then make it and sell it. It’s an easy way to earn money.

      1. Well my parents are over protective so I can’t babysit because they don’t trust and I can’t start a business because they don’t trust me!

  3. These ideas are great. However, building a lemonade stand is hard depending on the neighborhood you live in. Sometimes people are just in a buying mood. I think setting up a stand near a busy intersection will help.

  4. These are some really good ideas. I remember charging my family and friends $1 for each of my EasyBake oven treats.

    But the hardest part I had was keeping my money in a safe place.

  5. Depending upon the age of the child, there are survey companies that pay for teens to take surveys.

    In addition, an older child could benefit from learning about business and Internet marketing. They can then take these skills and freelance and make some really good money.

    Good article on this subject.


  6. You could buy 2 chickens and sell the eggs for 5 dollars a dozen if you live in the country if you need a little money but you need to get your parents permission.

  7. You know bake sales are good to do with your lemonade stands, make some kind of dessert and then saran wrap it, it works!

  8. The ideas are great but lemonade stands, baking sands, and other related sales is illegal. I am to young to go to a random house and help or do pet care taking. On top of that my family dose not let me leave my yard or there work.

  9. This is great insight and there are plenty of ideas from other contributors. I’ve talked to my kids about cleaning garbage and recycling bins in our neighborhood.

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