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Real Estate: Property Easements

The Basics Almost every property has easements – legal rights that others have to use parts of a real estate owner’s property. Despite their prevalence, easements are often misunderstood. And in some instances, people are not even aware that easements exist. As a property owner or prospective real estate buyer, you benefit from a basic understanding of easements. That … Continue reading Real Estate: Property Easements

Community Living: Is It Right For You? Condominiums, Townhouses & Cooperatives

Is a traditional single-family home out of your price range, too much upkeep, or just not your style? Then community living – condominium, townhouse, or cooperative – may be a practical solution for you. All three dwellings are forms of attached housing, a setting where you share common walls. These homes come with minimal maintenance responsibilities and are … Continue reading Community Living: Is It Right For You? Condominiums, Townhouses & Cooperatives

Home Buying: Location Matters

You have many important decisions to make when buying a home. One of the most crucial relates to location. Choosing the right location matters because it has implications for two significant areas: quality of life and resale value of your home. So, what kinds of things do you look for when trying to find the location that positively … Continue reading Home Buying: Location Matters