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Microeconomics: A General Overview

Besides Macroeconomics, the other basic way to view economics is the “Microeconomic” view. This view concerns itself with the particulars of a specific segment of the population or a specific industry within the larger population of good and service providers. More importantly, from a financial standpoint microeconomics concerns itself with the distribution of products, income, goods and … Continue reading Microeconomics: A General Overview

Macroeconomics: A General Overview

Finance is based on economics. Therefore, to properly understand financial markets and their behavior one must first understand economics. Economics at its core is concerned with the production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services. To put this in human terms we can say that economics is the science that arises out of the interplay between limited … Continue reading Macroeconomics: A General Overview

What is Economics?

Economics is the study of how a society uses its resources to satisfy its wants and needs. What does that mean? Consider the following three scenes. First, a household works together to do the chores. They cut wood for the fire place, cook meals, go to the store to buy food, and rent movies at … Continue reading What is Economics?

Understanding Financial Risk Management

Financial risk management, as opposed to “Risk Management” is used to protect against financial market exposures. Traditional risk management tries to protect against loss of physical assets through loss control programs and commercial insurance products. Firms that hold financial assets or liabilities are likely to try to protect themselves against loss in the value of the … Continue reading Understanding Financial Risk Management

Developing Countries and Markets

A developing country is defined as a country with low incomes, undeveloped infrastructures and low standards of living compared to averages in developed nations, normally defined by the members of the OECD- Organization of Economic Growth and Development. Fully developed economies have economic systems that support employment, and institutional and physical infrastructures and commerce within … Continue reading Developing Countries and Markets

Understanding Oil Markets

The oil market is affected by many economic and political factors, many of which have been in the news recently because of the focus on increased prices at the gas pumps. The basic laws of supply and demand have a strong fundamental impact on the price of crude oil, which eventually dictates the price of other, … Continue reading Understanding Oil Markets

An Introduction to Foreign Exchange

You know that “foreign exchange” exists, and you have an inkling of what the newspapers are talking about when they mention it, but you really don’t understand the basics of what foreign exchange is and how it works. Here, therefore, is a short “primer” on the basics of foreign exchange. The term “foreign exchange” basically … Continue reading An Introduction to Foreign Exchange