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Economics is a critical field that helps us understand how societies allocate scarce resources to meet their needs and wants. Our comprehensive resources offer expert insights into the fundamental principles of economics, including micro and macroeconomics, economic systems, and the role of government in regulating the economy. With our help, you can gain a deeper understanding of the economic forces that shape our world and make informed decisions about your personal finances, investments, and business strategies.

What is a Slowcession? Slow Recession

Learn about what is a slowcession, where economic growth slows down, but an economic downturn is avoided.  With a slowsession, or slow recession, the Federal Reserve’s plan to raise interest rates hopefully helps lower inflation without causing a recession. Cheap oil prices, less inflation, and a strong housing market, are possible reasons for a slowsession. … Continue reading What is a Slowcession? Slow Recession

What are the Types of Money?

Learn what are the main types of money. What is money? Learn about the main types of money including commodity money, representative money, fiat money, and bank money. Also learn why intrinsic value is important. Watch on YouTube Watch on TikTok Watch on Instagram       @moneyinstructor What are the types of Money? #financialeducation … Continue reading What are the Types of Money?

What is Money? Functions

Learn what is money and what are its functions. Money is a commodity that has been accepted by all as an economic medium. It is used to express prices and values. As a currency, it circulates anonymously between people and countries, facilitating trade and is the main measure of wealth. Watch on YouTube Watch on … Continue reading What is Money? Functions

Needs and Wants

Needs and wants, what is the difference? Understanding the difference, between needs and wants, is crucial to good financial decision making.   What is a Need? A need is a requirement, or essential item that is considered to be necessary for living. Examples   include shelter, food and water, and clothing. These are essential for a person’s … Continue reading Needs and Wants

World Economics

The study of world economics (also called international economics) is the study of all of the factors that influence the movement of goods and money around the world, and because it is so intricately tied, the related politics. This includes trade and trade policies, justifications for protection, currency systems and exchange rates, the monetary and … Continue reading World Economics

Fundamentals of Economics

Economics has been known as the dismal science ever since Thomas Carlyle coined the phrase to summarize T. R. Malthus’ sad predictions in the 19th century: that the fate of humanity’s economic life would be poverty, hardship and even starvation.  In most of the developed world today, this prediction has not been borne out, but … Continue reading Fundamentals of Economics

Microeconomics: A General Overview

Besides Macroeconomics, the other basic way to view economics is the “Microeconomic” view. This view concerns itself with the particulars of a specific segment of the population or a specific industry within the larger population of good and service providers. More importantly, from a financial standpoint microeconomics concerns itself with the distribution of products, income, goods and … Continue reading Microeconomics: A General Overview

Macroeconomics: A General Overview

Finance is based on economics. Therefore, to properly understand financial markets and their behavior one must first understand economics. Economics at its core is concerned with the production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services. To put this in human terms we can say that economics is the science that arises out of the interplay between limited … Continue reading Macroeconomics: A General Overview