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Careers in Business

Business is defined as the commercial activity involving the buying and selling of commodities (goods and services). Businesses surround us in our daily lives — the shops in our neighborhoods and the advertisements that persuade us to buy their products, as well as many service related businesses. Have you ever thought of a career in … Continue reading Careers in Business

Career Assessment Tests: Do Your Interest, Skills and Aptitude Match Your Job Choice?

Before you embark on college or a training program, be sure your personal values and dreams are supported by the career you are training for. Do you have the personality for the career you want? If you are already working in a profession or industry and want to advance, have you considered how your current … Continue reading Career Assessment Tests: Do Your Interest, Skills and Aptitude Match Your Job Choice?

Careers: Thinking about the Future

Information on thinking about your future career and work. Here you will learn about: Identifying your personal likes, dislikes and needs Your motivations Identifying potential careers that may be fulfilling to you based upon your likes, dislikes and needs THINKING ABOUT YOUR FUTURE CAREEREvery individual has unique personality characteristics which dictate their likes, dislikes and needs to … Continue reading Careers: Thinking about the Future