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A successful interview is the gateway to landing your dream job. Preparing for your interview is crucial to ensure that you showcase your skills and experience in the best possible light. With our expert help, tips, and advice, you’ll learn how to ace your interview, leaving a lasting impression on your potential employer.

Job Interview Tips for Teens

You’ve made it through the door with a great application and the next step is the interview. No matter if you’re being for your first job or have been through the interview process ten times or more, here are some important pointers to keep in mind. Dress Like You Mean BusinessThere’s no need for most … Continue reading Job Interview Tips for Teens

The Different Types of Interviews

ScreeningThis is usually done by the Human Resources Department or an outside agency. They want to eliminate candidates who do not have the basic requirements for the job. Your Purpose: To make a good impression. Treat the screener as though they are making the final decision. Answer questions clearly and concisely. One-on-One (This type of … Continue reading The Different Types of Interviews