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How Do I Choose a Career?

A guide on choosing a career that’s right for you. Explores self-reflection, industry research, skill evaluation, mentor guidance, internships, goal-setting, and adaptation strategies. This resource offers you invaluable tools for making informed career decisions, aligning your interests and skills with potential roles, leveraging mentorship, gaining practical experience, and fostering personal growth. How Do I Choose … Continue reading How Do I Choose a Career?

How to Read a Pay Stub

Here we will learn how to read a pay stub, and take a look at a sample pay stub. As a financial record of their payment, employees receive a pay stub. Although the pay stub may seem confusing, it doesn’t have to be. This brief summary should help you understand it better.   The pay … Continue reading How to Read a Pay Stub

What is a Paycheck?

It may be referred to as paycheck, payroll check, paycheque, cheque, pay, salary, or payroll.  In summary, it is a check issued in payment of wages. What is a paycheck? A paycheck is a payment made to an employee for the work they have done. To receive the money, the employee cashes or deposits the check. An … Continue reading What is a Paycheck?

Finding A Literary Agent

If you are an author, one of the most difficult tasks that you will every have to tackle is that of securing a literary agent. It is a given that you will run into a catch 22 when you search for an agent. Many agents will not consider representing a writer unless they have a … Continue reading Finding A Literary Agent

Writing an Effective News Story

Writing a good news story involves planning what you want to say, remembering the basic rules of journalism, and a careful review of the article. Here are a few tips to help in that process. Desire alone is not enough to write an effective news story. For journalists, achieving that goal involves a careful analysis … Continue reading Writing an Effective News Story

What a Reporter Does

Reporters are responsible for telling newspaper readers about events. Doing this involves basic rules of creating news stories that are to the point, emphasize important details, and keep readers interested from the first paragraph to the last. A newspaper story doesn’t have to be long to be informative. In fact, if all the information is … Continue reading What a Reporter Does