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Sales and marketing are critical components of any successful business strategy. Our expert tips, advice, and resources provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to develop and implement effective sales and marketing strategies, from identifying your target market and creating compelling messaging to developing effective sales channels and measuring success. With our help, you’ll be able to grow your customer base, increase revenue, and achieve your business objectives.

Proper Customer Care and Etiquette

There are several key, cardinal rules when working with your customers. It’s critical that you exhibit proper etiquette in working with customers if you expect them to remain your customers. To do so, consider these proven tactics in exhibiting true customer-care etiquette. Be friendlyFriendliness is easy to exercise in your daily routine, yet difficult to find in … Continue reading Proper Customer Care and Etiquette

How to Measure Business Quality

Every product and service that your customers receive from you reflects the quality of your business. Pay attention to the words in that sentence. If your product is water, it does not matter how pure it is when it leaves your factory. If you send it through a dirty pipe, the only true measure of its purity can … Continue reading How to Measure Business Quality

Creating “Raving Fans” Customers: Improving Customer Satisfaction

Customers are the heart of your business, and it is critical that they are happy with the products and/or services you provide. To ensure you provide service beyond their expectations, and create life-long customers, you will want to incorporate a concept known as “Raving Fans”. “Raving Fans” is a book written by Ken Blanchard. The concept behind … Continue reading Creating “Raving Fans” Customers: Improving Customer Satisfaction

Improving Customer Service

Whichever business you are in, you are likely to be in close competition for the dollar in your customer’s pocket. You may frequently ask yourself what it is that makes a customer choose you over the competition and you may believe that you know the answer. However confident you are, improving customer service should be a daily … Continue reading Improving Customer Service

Selling Techniques

The joke goes that a good salesperson could sell sand in the desert. In other words, people will buy what they don’t need if the salesperson is persuasive enough. A successful selling technique is a complex blend of methodical approach and the application of psychology. The salesperson needs a special combination of personal qualities and … Continue reading Selling Techniques

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP): How Unique do you need to be?

Whatever you are selling; cars, homes, insurance, food or even yourself, you will help buyers to choose you or your business if you have put a little time into considering your USP; your Unique Selling Proposition. This piece of advertising mambo-jumbo is a valuable example of short-hand. Trying to describe USP in long hand doesn’t really help … Continue reading Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP): How Unique do you need to be?