Category: Managing People

Managing people can be a challenging yet rewarding experience, requiring a unique set of skills and strategies to build a successful team. Our expert tips, advice, and resources provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to become an effective people manager, from understanding different personality types and communication styles to providing constructive feedback and managing conflict. With our help, you’ll be able to build a cohesive and motivated team that drives success for your organization.

Techniques of Great Business Coaches

Coaching is a new phenomenon by definition. In fact, coaching has been around for centuries, though perhaps known by other names. Anyone can be a coach – a parent, teacher, manager, co-worker, friend, or sibling. In the business community, coaches often help employees to achieve their potential, and grow in their career, expand their skills, and ideally strike … Continue reading Techniques of Great Business Coaches

How to be an Effective Mentor

Maybe this is your first time as a mentor, or perhaps you are a pro. Maybe you are mentoring as part of an outreach program to adolescents, or perhaps you are assigned as a mentor in the workplace. Whatever the circumstances, there are some planning and organizational tasks you can consider to make your mentoring project more … Continue reading How to be an Effective Mentor

Diversity at Work

Is “diversity” just one more buzz word to work into your conversations at work? Those who think so are really on the wrong track. Perhaps they are thinking of “diversity” as a black/white issue or a male/female issue. It is far more than that, and well-informed companies are embracing true diversity as a savvy business strategy. Think for … Continue reading Diversity at Work

Managing a Diverse Workforce

If you manage or own a business today, you are bound to run into people from other countries and cultures when you interview prospective staff. Our workforce today is a rich mixture of ethnic and cultural groups working in every kind of company from car dealerships to telephone customer support, to software design and research firms, … Continue reading Managing a Diverse Workforce