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Accounting is a vital component of any business, providing financial information and insights necessary for informed decision-making. Our expert tips, advice, and resources provide you with a solid foundation of accounting knowledge, from basic principles to advanced concepts. Whether you’re an accounting professional or a small business owner, our comprehensive resources cover a wide range of accounting-related topics to help you succeed in your financial endeavors.

Understanding Accounting: Accounts Receivable

The accounts receivable side of the accounting sheet is the side many businesses must allocate an entire department’s resources towards maintaining, monitoring, and collecting. Quite often, businesses have failed not because they weren’t profitable, but because they weren’t collecting on sales and their cash flows were inadequate. That’s an awfully hard place to be, to realize your … Continue reading Understanding Accounting: Accounts Receivable

Fundamentals of Cost Accounting

Cost accounting is a very obscure area of accounting expertise, and most accountants that work with cost accounting are hired by corporate America to perform private cost analysis and evaluation on the products manufactured by that particular company. Cost accounting can be helpful, however if you’re going to have a need to establish prices for … Continue reading Fundamentals of Cost Accounting

Understanding Accounting for your Businesses: A Green Light for Success

By now you should have a little better understanding of the accounting process, some of the more important parts, and a glimmer of hope in your ability to perform the bookkeeping requirements. Okay I’m kidding, you don’t have a clue about the bookkeeping function; you just simply want to keep better tabs on your accountant! Well, … Continue reading Understanding Accounting for your Businesses: A Green Light for Success

Your Accounting Balance Sheet

The Balance sheet is one of the more widely recognized accounting tools, and is used extensively in the banking and financial world to determine a businesses overall health. What is the balance sheet, and why is it so important in determining the overall health of a business? Let’s answer this two part question, one piece at … Continue reading Your Accounting Balance Sheet

History of Accounting: Overview

Never in history, has one particular contribution served to shape and mold business in the way that accounting has done. Since the inception of trade and business, civilization understood the need for accurate records. What we were lacking was the means for a standard of accurate record keeping. Enter Luca Pacioli. This Franciscan monk was the father of double … Continue reading History of Accounting: Overview

Small Business Accounting: Determine, Setup, and Use the Accounts

How to Determine the Accounts your Small Business Needs The most important question to be answered, in the process of determining your account listing need, is what type of business you operate. Professional and service industries generally use a completely different set of accounts, to say, a manufacturing or retail sales business. All account listings however, … Continue reading Small Business Accounting: Determine, Setup, and Use the Accounts