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Our budgeting section offers articles, tips, and suggestions on personal budgeting money to help you manage your finances effectively. Whether you are a beginner or looking to improve your budgeting skills, our resources provide practical advice on creating and sticking to a budget, saving money on everyday expenses, and achieving your financial goals.

Have Yourself a Budget Holiday

Holiday and Christmas time is an expensive time for most families. From buying gifts, stocking stuffers, decorations, and food most families budgets are stretched very tight during the holidays. How do you ensure that your family has a holiday and Christmas that they will remember without you paying for it for the entire next year? The first … Continue reading Have Yourself a Budget Holiday

Balancing Income and Expenses

It is necessary to learn the skill of balancing income and expenses no matter what your financial situation. Many people put off keeping a budget until they are financially “on their feet”. However, in order to get financially “on your feet” a budget is a necessity. And to be sure, what we call a budget is nothing more … Continue reading Balancing Income and Expenses

Preparing a Realistic Budget

Whether you are a new couple just starting out or a family who has to get a handle on their finances, preparing and sticking to a realistic budget isn’t as hard as it sounds. Before you even begin to add up everything, you’ll need to make a list of everything that you spend money on. … Continue reading Preparing a Realistic Budget

5 Steps to Budgeting Success

Successful budgeting is key to good financial health and it really isn’t hard. It just takes some thought and time. These five steps will help create a budget that’s not only realistic, but is successful as well: List your expenses Make a list of your fixed expenses such as mortgage or rent payments, car payments, … Continue reading 5 Steps to Budgeting Success

5 Steps to Healthy Spending Habits

Next to our physical health most of us are primarily concerned with our financial health, and with good reason. Although our intentions are usually good, our follow-through and discipline generally isn’t. Mere mention of the word budget or cutback sends us into fits. Healthy spending habits need not be synonymous with deprivation – a bad … Continue reading 5 Steps to Healthy Spending Habits