Be Ready For Change

The definitions of the financial classes are changing.  More companies are changing the definitions of their jobs as well.  With outsourcing and freelancing becoming a more viable resource, the job market and the jobs available are shifting accordingly.  This means even more upheaval for people who are unprepared for a quick change in their financial environment.

The days of long tenures with powerful companies are all but gone. The time of getting a single job and working it until you retired or died is nearly at an end.  The market for jobs, an ever evolving and changing entity, has eliminated some jobs and created new ones.  This is wonderful news to the people who can evolve with the change and are ever increasing their knowledge base and their skills.  For those who are not so flexible, this could be a painful and depressing transition.

When the automobile became a household item, companies that manufactured traditional horse drawn carriages became obsolete.  All the people who had made whips, carriages, harnesses and fittings for that industry had to find other work eventually.  This is just an example of what happens continually in our marketplace.

One of the biggest changes in the last twenty years has been the increasing flow of outsourcing work. There is room for outsourcing in nearly every industry and for people who “get replaced” by cheaper contractors, it can mean devastating financial consequences.  No matter the job you hold, you need to be prepared for the next advancement in the markets.  Computers, networking, the internet and other technologies have caused the erasure of dozens of markets – but they have also created jobs in their wake.  Just like the carriage builder who left the carriage house and went to work for Ford, people today have to move with the existing tide.

One way of preparing for this shift is to hone your skills. Freelance markets are all over the Internet for people who have been laid off or their jobs have been eliminated.  If you have a marketable skill, considering a freelance career may be a good backup plan for you.  Learning a new skill or trade while you are still working your current job is never a bad idea either.  With a few exceptions such as the medical field, there is virtually no job that is one hundred percent guaranteed to never be outsourced.  Even a great many jobs in the medical field are being outsourced to talented and cheaper sources overseas.

Protect your investments and your future by investing in your education and your skills. Learning a new trade or revising your current one may be a bit of a task, but in this market, you are virtually forced to continually upgrade yourself.  If you have already felt the ax fall in your market, do not be discouraged.  A great deal of companies that are taking advantage of the freelance market will search out American freelancers to do their work.  Consulting is another field that will almost always be a viable option for those who wish to change venues.

Be ready for change, and you can soar into the next market shift!

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