Decorating your Home on a Budget

Do you love the designer look but hate the designer price tag? There are many ways to achieve a great look in your home without breaking the bank.

Find a style. Start by finding a style, theme or color scheme that appeals to you and try to match everything with that style. A room with a universal theme looks more put together than one haphazardly arranged. The first step is to add a coordinating color to the walls with paint. For added interest you could attempt a faux finishing technique like sponge painting.

Do it yourself. The cost of labor is often a considerable part of a project budget. You’ll save tons of money by doing the work yourself, whether painting or doing a larger remodeling job. You can often learn how to complete projects by searching the Internet or finding a book at the library. For more complicated jobs you may choose to hire an installer, but perhaps you can do some of the preparation or demolition work yourself.

Where to shop. When looking for furniture and accessories, great bargains can be found if you know where to shop. The best deals can be found at yard sales, estate sales, and thrift stores. Inexpensive furniture may be found at sample sales, but if you can’t afford a new couch, you could always try a slip-cover to freshen the look of your old one. Your old wooden furniture or accessories can be painted for a new look. Accessories like candles and containers can sometimes be found at the dollar store.

Look-alikes. If you’ve found a gorgeous item that just doesn’t fit the budget, search for look-alikes. You can often find a cheaper imitation, such as laminate flooring that resembles hardwoods. You might find a lamp at Target that looks like the one you love from Pottery Barn if you continue to shop around. Browsing on the Internet is a great way to compare prices without leaving the comforts of home.

Nice artwork is another part of a well-decorated room that is generally costly. If you have an artistic flair, you can create your own artwork. Otherwise, you could try framing pages of a calendar or book with pretty images on them. Plants are another inexpensive way to bring color and life into your space.

Be creative when decorating – find a new use for an old item. You could convert a watering can into a vase. An urn can become a coffee table when a piece of glass is placed on top of it. A stack of vintage suitcases can become a side table. Use your imagination when viewing items that you already have around the house and maybe you’ll think of the perfect use or place for something you weren’t sure what to do with.

Make a plan for decorating your space and follow it carefully. Don’t rush into anything – take your time to find pieces that match your style and budget. Fill your space with things that you love and you are sure to love your space as well.

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