Can You Really Live on Social Security Alone? Why Seniors Can’t Make Ends Meet

Learn about the challenges seniors face living on Social Security alone and why it’s not enough to cover their living expenses. Discover strategies for financial planning and the realities of seniors returning to the workforce to meet financial needs.

Social Security crisis? This discussion explores why relying solely on Social Security, including SSI and SSDI, isn’t sufficient for seniors’ financial needs. You’ll learn about the challenges retirees face with rising living costs and the gap between their expenses and the income provided by Social Security, SSI, and SSDI benefits. The segment also delves into the realities faced by older Americans re-entering the workforce and the difficulties they encounter in finding suitable jobs. Moreover, the importance of planning beyond Social Security through financial strategies and community support is emphasized, providing ways to enhance seniors’ financial stability and quality of life in retirement.

Can You Really Live on Social Security Alone? Why Seniors Can’t Make Ends Meet

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