Travel for Free or Almost Free

Do you realize that is possible to travel anywhere in the world without having to spend one penny of your own money? This is how many people get to travel to exotic locations once, twice or many times a year.

If you have an intimate knowledge of an area and are willing to act as a guide, then you are already halfway to where you want to go. When people travel as a group, the travel agents, airlines and cruise lines offer discounts. The amount of the discount varies according to the size of the group. For example, if you want to organize a group of people to take a cruise and you can get at least 8 staterooms booked, then you can have a stateroom free. Since this is the most expensive part of the trip, you won’t mind paying for the side trips and the entertainment aboard the ship.

There are also many resorts and airlines that provide free flights and accommodations, if you bring a group of people to the resort. These businesses provide this service in order to increase their business. You can get a free all-inclusive vacation, just for organizing the trip.

You are probably wondering how to go about getting this type of travel. Travel agencies, resorts, and airlines – anyone dealing with the travel industry has sales on during the off-season to bring up the amount of traffic that they go through. Look at the deals and contact a travel agency to see the dates for the sales and if there are any restrictions.

Then you can start looking for people who want to take a trip, but don’t want to go alone. Put up signs in places where there are lots of people, such as malls and grocery stores. A notice on the bulletin board of your office building just might give you a list of people who want an exciting vacation. Once you have the details of which people want to travel, then you can contact the travel agent for the total price.

If the cost of your fare is not included with the trip because your group is not large enough, then you can divide the cost by the number of guests so that your fare is covered. This is fine because you are performing a service by organizing the trip and making all the travel and accommodation arrangements, so you could consider this your fee. Collect the money from the group members and have their tickets prepared. Make sure the hotel or resort reservations are made and that the members have all their travel documents in place.

Arrange a meeting before you leave so you can brief the group on what to expect when they arrive and what kind of clothing they should bring. Warn them about any potential dangers and recommend how they should deal with bringing money with them.

Arrange to meet at the airport and help them with checking in. Do the same thing when you land and help them check in at the resort. Then you are free to enjoy for vacation, just as the group members are. More than likely you will meet up during the trip and have a lot of fun times together.

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