Social Security Payroll Proposal | Changes to Update Benefits

Learn about the Social Security Administration’s new proposal to streamline SSDI and SSI payments through the Payroll Information Exchange (PIE). Discover how this change aims to reduce overpayments and make the system fairer, especially for seniors, the disabled, low income, and survivors.

How SSA’s New Plan Could End Overpayments. In this overview, explore the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) latest proposal designed to enhance the accuracy of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments through the Payroll Information Exchange (PIE). This seeks to cut down on the costly mistakes of overpayments by using employer-provided wage data, reducing the need for individuals to report their earnings. Also, learn about the challenges of overpayments that have burdened many, particularly affecting seniors, the disabled, and survivors, leading to financial hardships. The PIE system aims to simplify and improve the reporting process, making it more efficient and equitable for all beneficiaries. You’ll also discover the importance of the public consultation period, which offers a platform for community input and involvement in shaping these significant changes.

Social Security Payroll Proposal | Changes to Update Benefits

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