Tips for Dealing with the Costs of Higher Education

If the cost of higher education is keeping you out of school, then you may be thinking that it’s impossible to earn that desired degree. But before you give up hope, here are some strategies which might open some funds, and some new doors to the college or university of your choice:

Skip over classes
Many colleges offer the opportunity to challenge particular courses by taking an exam which demonstrates your knowledge in a specific area. There is a small fee to take the exam but you’ll save big dollars on tuition and books.

Go to a 2 year college first
Community colleges are typically less expensive than the four year colleges. Enroll in a community college at a less expensive price and then transfer your credits to a four year degree program.

Dig up a university scholarship
Scholarships aren’t just for athletes or geniuses. You can find scholarships from religious groups, professional associations, civic organizations and fraternal groups. You may not even need to be a member to qualify. Talk with the staff in the financial assistance office to learn more.

Get credit for life experiences
Some colleges will allow you to create a portfolio of your on-the-job and life experiences in lieu of completing coursework. While you won’t be able to obtain a degree by making your life an “open book”, chances are that you might find your professional and personal experiences can be translated into course credits.

Sell stuff
Instead of taking a loan, consider selling an asset and using that money toward your college education. For example, if you have a really sporty car then maybe you could sell that for a nice price and use the proceeds to buy a less expensive model and then use the balance to help underwrite your educational expenses.

In general, be creative, take a risk, ask questions and start networking. With just a little bit of effort, you may find those doors to a college education will open more easily than you would have ever expected!

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