Stretch your Clothing Shopping Dollars

To stretch your clothing shopping dollars, you need to have a few tools before you head for the mall. Because believe it or not, a little shopping savvy can not only save you money, no one will ever know you didn’t pay top dollar.

Avoid the Mall
One of the first things you want to do to stretch your clothing shopping dollars is actually don’t head for the mall. Try outlets and online shops, discounters, and catalogs first. You can find most any sort of clothing you’re looking for at reduced prices if you just do a little looking. Plus, you won’t have to fight over parking spaces!

Update your Look
Also, rather than completely give your closet an overhaul at the beginning of each season, update your wardrobe with new extras. Add new ties to dress shirts you already own for an updated look. Or add a fashionable brooch to a still favorite blouse to bring it up to date.

Natural is the way to go
Look for natural fibers. Why? First of all, they tend to last longer. Secondly, they also stay in style longer. Linen and wool are two natural fibers that show up season after season.

Take note of Washing Instructions
And of course, check out the labels for washing instructions. Run from clothing that says dry clean only. The money you’ll save on dry cleaning bill will go a long way toward purchasing new clothes when you need them.

Check the Cut
Carefully check out the cut. Clothing that fits well looks expensive naturally. Also, classic cuts never go out of style. And you can always buy that steal on a classic-style dress or suit and have it tailored. You’ll still save money and have a garment you can wear season after season.

Avoid the Fashion Craze
Don’t fall for the latest designer fashion craze. Think of all the times something is hot one day and out of style the next. Spend your money on basics that you can be pretty assured will still be in style for seasons to come and that can easily be updated to fit new trends.

Buy Ahead
Buy a season ahead. Yes, now you have a reason to hit those after holidays sales. The prices are fabulous and you will be ready for next season. Styles aren’t likely to change a great deal, so you’ll still be fashionable.

Coordinate Clothing
Finally, buy separates that coordinate easily. That way you can mix and match to your heart’s content and still be in style—without ruining your clothing budget.

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