Children’s Birthday Parties On A Budget

Children’s birthday parties can be a major expenditure for parents to throw. From pony rides to inflatable jumpers to clowns, how do you plan a party that is fun, but that doesn’t drain your wallet? There are many ways to save money and still keep the party fun and memorable for your child. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on your child’s party to make it one they and their guests will remember forever.

The first thing is to ask your child what they would like. This may be a mistake as they may tell you about all of the expensive things that they have in mind, but you may also be pleasantly surprised by how simple they would like it. Many times, the things that parents think that no party should be without are things that the children are not as stuck on. The key is to decide what is important to your child and then work from there.

Cakes are not normally the largest purchase for the party, but if you add in the rest of the food it may be. A frugal party can include just cake and punch or you could add in chips, dip, and more. Some parties have a complete meal served. If that is important to you and your child, then you will have to cut your budget elsewhere, but if food is not the main thing, then why not keep it simple?

Decorations can be as simple or a lavish as you like. Many children do not consider the decorations an important part of the party so this may be an excellent area to cut your budget. A “Happy Birthday” sign and a few streamers may be all you need to set the mood and will be much cheaper than the life-size balloon arrangements that you had last year!

If you are using a location other than your home, then this can really put a dent in your budget. Just about anywhere that you can think of has a party package these days, but compare the cost of their party versus you doing one at home and you may find that the one at home will cost you much less.

Entertainment is something that can really blow your party budget out of the water. Ponies, huge inflatable toys, clowns, and magicians can add up quickly. Ask your child what they would like to do. Pinatas are a fun thing to add to most parties and can be a frugal way to give the guests a treat to take home. Just add a bag or a cup and they will have an instant party favor. Games can include anything that your child enjoys playing. A scavenger hunt or treasure hunt is a great way to entertain the children. Use your imagination to create games that your child and the guests will love.

Children’s birthday parties are a fun way to celebrate your child’s milestone of turning another year old. It does not mean that you need to be paying for their party for the next year though. Use your imagination to create decorations, games, food, and other party details to save you money and you are sure to have just as much fun at the party as your child.

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