When are Taxes due in 2022?

Are you ready for taxes in 2022? When is the last day to file taxes?  Its time to mark your calendars for the federal tax filing deadline.



According to the IRS, for most taxpayers, Monday, April 18th 2022 is the deadline for filing 2021 tax returns.   It is normally April 15th, but  due to the Emancipation Day holiday observed in the District of Columbia, it’s later this year.   For those who reside in Maine or Massachusetts, due to the Patriots Day holiday, they have until April 19, 2022 to file their returns. 

If you request an extension, you have until Monday October 17th 2022 to file.

Planning for the nation’s filing season is a huge undertaking and IRS teams have been working to prepare. The pandemic continues, creating challenges. However, they remind taxpayers that there are important steps they could take to ensure that their refund and tax returns don’t get delayed.

According to IRS officials,  to avoid delays and snags, it’s important that the numbers on the return are correct and filled out completely.

Also, filing electronically with direct deposit is the best way to avoid delays.

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