Saving Money: Money as Energy

What is money? Once we understand this fundamental question then we will be closer to being able to control it and accumulate it. Money is simply a method of exchange. Rather than bartering goods we exchange money for them. When we remember this we recognize that money is nothing but a form of energy. And as energy we can understand how to work with it.

Energy attracts more of itself. Thus if you have debt then you will likely accumulate more of it. Whereas, if you have money you will attract more of it. The key then is to begin accumulating money. Once you do this then it begins a chain reaction that will continue until you have accumulated more of it. This is why starting a fundamental savings account is essential to building wealth. It gives the money somewhere to go. And it is important that money has somewhere to go. This is why simply keeping extra money in your checking account never works.

Energy also follows the path of least resistance. What does this mean? It means that money will flow to the areas that are needed first. Because it is you who in fact defines your needs, it is you who can determine where this money goes. The more needs you have defined, the more money will flow to those basic needs. You may be wondering why it is important to understand this aspect of finances. It is important for the simple fact that wealth is only accumulated when inflow exceeds outflow. What you define as your needs make up the primary outflow for your income. And most importantly, those who accumulate wealth are usually those who have fewer needs defined than their peers.

Everybody has different needs. But why is it that some people require very little in order to be happy? These people also tend to accumulate wealth. We have all heard of the “little old school teacher” who dies and then leaves some unfathomable sum to the local library or university. How was she able to do this? Simple. She had very few needs. Thus that freed up more money to go into accumulation and over time this has power.

Energy also requires exchange. To receive something, something must be given. This is a fundamental law that we will be coming back to again and again. You cannot expect to get something for nothing. People who expect this find themselves losing money to lottery tickets and slot machines and invariably they end up broke. Don’t be one of these people. Yes it does happen but the fact is that those who do win the lottery or win at the casino usually end up losing it all back anyway. They do this because they have not understood the simple principles of money that are acquired by building it yourself through savvy investments and intelligent management. It is simply not worth it to try to accumulate wealth by chance. Thus, we come back to the law that energy requires exchange.

What are you giving in exchange for your money? The more you give, the more you will receive. If you are just giving your body then you will receive less than if you are giving your body and mind in a job. If you are giving your body and mind and years of experience then again that increases what you get in return. This is why educated professionals are paid more than laborers. It is a fundamental effect of what they are giving to their job. Give more and you will receive more.

Thus you now have an elementary understanding of some of the ways money behaves. Use this to analyze your current situation and gain a better understanding of your current financial situation. The activity below will help you to do this.


Analyze your financial situation in terms of energy. Where are you giving energy and where are you getting energy back? What could you do to increase what you are giving in exchange for money? Can you give more of yourself to your job? If you can then it is a law that it must return to you either in more pay or in promotions or in some form or another. Nothing is ever lost. Often it changes forms but it is never lost.

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