What is a Paycheck?

It may be referred to as paycheck, payroll check, paycheque, cheque, pay, salary, or payroll.  In summary, it is a check issued in payment of wages.

What is a paycheck?

A paycheck is a payment made to an employee for the work they have done. To receive the money, the employee cashes or deposits the check. An employee can also choose to have their paycheck automatically deposited into their bank account, so that they receive their money on the day they are paid.  Electronic deposits are done mostly now, as the physical paycheck is being replaced more often by electronic direct deposits to an employee’s bank account. 


How often do you get a paycheck?

A paycheck is usually issued every two weeks. However, some employers may issue paychecks every week or monthly.

What is included with a paycheck?

A pay stub is often attached to a paycheck. Also known as a payslip, earnings statement, paystub, or paycheck stub, it is typically attached to a paycheck. This is the section of the paycheck that records how much employees were paid. It typically includes the employer name and address, gross wages for the pay period, taxes, and any other deductions that the employer is required to make. It may also include  personal deductions, like retirement plan, or pension contributions or insurance.  Finally, it will also include your net pay after any of these deductions.

Validate the information.

Be sure to check all the information on your paycheck and paystub. All information about employees must be current, and accurate. Any inconsistencies and incorrect data can cause delays in receiving your paycheck.  It can also cause confusion with your taxes, or also delay bank deposits.  Let your employer know, if you find anything incorrect.

Its important to understand your paycheck.  Be sure to understand all the information, and make sure your money is deposited correctly.



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