What is a Budget?

If I earn $3000 a month, can I pay for my rent, food, and other expenses and also have money left to save? 

Or will I run out of money before my next paycheck? 

To find out, you need to create a budget.

What is a budget?

A budget is something people use  to help manage their money. You create one based on an estimate of your income and expenses for a set period of time, usually a week, month, or a year.  A budget is a spending plan that helps you know in advance if you have  money to pay for the things you want or wish to save.

What does a budget  include?

Your budget includes all of your income (including income from work, part-time jobs, and gifts); and all your expenses. These expenses can be needs like rent, utilities, and groceries or wants  like dining out or entertainment. You can also save or set aside money for future large purchases. You can use it to pay for things such as a vacation, a new cellular phone, and other large purchases.

Why create a budget?

A budget helps you live within your  means and encourages you to make sound financial decisions. It is easy to see the whole picture of your financial situation when you track and record your income and expenses. You can then identify and cut unnecessary expenses, so you can save more, and spend the money saved on things that are important to you. The extra money could be used to invest  or pay off your debt. 

For example, if you use a budget and discover you are spending $200 each month eating out, you may decide you want to lower that to $150 and instead save $50 more.

People often think of budget only as a tool for those who are finding themselves spending too much resulting in too much debt. But everybody can benefit from a budget. It can help you not only get out of financial trouble but also to prevent you from getting in it again.

A budget gives people a better view of their finances, which allows them to make wise money management decisions. They can plan for large purchases, avoid overspending, and increase their savings.

A budget helps you determine whether you have enough money to pay for all your needs and wants. You can make a spending plan that prioritizes the financial items that you need and those that you want. A spending plan will help you to pay down debt and save money when you spend.

Budgeting, regardless of your income level, can help you manage stress and keep your finances on track.

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