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Today an emerging and very popular trend in weddings is the theme wedding. The theme wedding allows you to express your own individuality while having the traditional element in your wedding. The theme wedding can be just about anything you can imagine, and though they may take a little more work and a great deal of thought, they are well worth it.

One popular theme wedding is the Renaissance wedding. This takes a little more work, but many of the materials you will need are not too hard to find. The very first step in creating the Renaissance wedding theme is the wedding party’s attire. For the bride there are wedding gowns readily available in the Renaissance style, and you may even find gowns for your attendants in the same style. If this is too difficult, it is recommended that you have your wedding gown tailor made along with those of your bride’s maids. Another important aspect of this wedding theme is picking the appropriate setting, decorations and colors. When you are deciding on this part of your wedding, keep in mind what colors and décor dominated that time era.

Another very popular wedding theme is the fairytale wedding. This often involves the notorious Cinderella. With this theme, of course you will want a wedding gown that resembles that of the famous Cinderella gown, and your decorations will closely match this. It is very easy to find the pumpkin carriage drawn by white horses for table centerpieces, and little glass slippers are nice to offer to your guests filled with candy. If you really want to put the icing on the cake, you may be able to hire a carriage with horses for the bride to arrive in and the couple to depart in. Some people find that it is much easier to create this theme by having their wedding and reception at one of the Disney resorts. When you choose to hold your wedding at one of their resorts, Disney has available a real Cinderella Carriage for the bride and groom.

Another wonderful theme, is the winter fantasy theme. Often the colors for this wedding are silver, blue and white, which look striking when put together. For this theme you will want to have several ice sculptures created as centerpieces and decorate the chapel and reception room with artificial evergreens that have had a light dusting of snow sprayed on them. Decorate these evergreens with clear white Christmas lights. Silver and white snowflakes hanging from the ceiling top of the atmosphere for the winter theme. With a little imagination, this theme wedding can truly dazzling anyone.

A couple themed wedding ideas for summer include the seaside wedding, or the Hawaiian themed wedding. For the Hawaiian themed wedding you will want to pick very bright, tropical colors, and maybe lots of South Sea items. For the seaside wedding, try keeping your colors softer; maybe some pale pinks, tans and blues. Seashells will of course play a big role in this themed wedding.

With a little imagination, it is easy to make your special day, the fantasy you have always dreamed of.

Las Vegas Weddings

If you are like countess people, you may be contemplating marriage in the near future, but dreading the most strenuous task of all, the wedding. There is a reason that Las Vegas is the wedding capitol of the world, it is one place where you can make your arrangements, and be married in the same day. The ease of taking your wedding vows in Las Vegas is well worth a closer examination.

The simplistic nature of a Las Vegas wedding is just a start, there are several wedding chapels in Las Vegas and many of them offer some interesting incentives. The prices of these complete packages are hard to beat, especially if you consider what the cost of a traditional wedding may run.

The Wedding Bells Chapel of Las Vegas has packages that range anywhere from $167 to $1100 and include, the chapel, the ceremony, a wedding coordinator, a bouquet for the bride as well as champagne, photographs, video and much more. There is no possible way to coordinate a traditional wedding for as little as $200 -$300.

Another notorious wedding chapel in Las Vegas is the Viva Las Vegas. This chapel offers not only the traditional wedding, but the increasingly popular themed wedding as well. You can order up an exotic Egyptian, or Camelot themed wedding, and if that isn’t enough, they also offer a gothic themed wedding complete with a haunting fog filled chapel and best of all, the services will be conducted by Dracula. This package tends to run about $750. Advance reservations are recommended for a Halloween wedding.

If your taste runs a little more towards the futuristic, why not get married by the one and only Captain James T. Quirk or Captain Spock, in the Starship Chapel. This wedding comes complete with one Minister, Transporter, and one illusion entrance, Captain Quirk or Spock as your minister, theatrical lighting, and plenty of fog. All for only about $700. A great price if you are looking for the ultimate galactic wedding experience.

If you are like many women, chances are you have had your heart set on the ever popular Victorian wedding. This wedding package runs $175 and comes complete with use of the Victorian Chapel, a plethora of Victorian memorabilia, one period soloist for the ceremony, punch and petite fours, period music, and first dance at recessional.

For those of you that find yourself stuck in the time era of Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix, don’t despair, there is a wedding package created just for you. Your wedding can be filled with the classic music of Woodstock in the Woodstock themed wedding ceremony! With the talents of a world renowned impersonator, this is a wedding that will take you right back to August, 1969 and that renowned festival of peace, music and love!

Las Vegas Nevada offers marriage licenses with no waiting period and few restrictions for only $55. Together with the low cost of a fantastic Las Vegas wedding, you cannot help but come out ahead in value.

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