Why Hire a Wedding Coordinator?

Every little girl dreams of being a princess and to be swept off her feet by her Prince Charming. A wedding is the time in a girl’s life when they come to feel like the princess and the heroine of a fairy tale. All around the world from the hidden tribes to the most advanced area of civilization, people have always wanted weddings and take considerable amount of preparation for this occasion. Love is most sought for and the public declaration of it is a legitimate and a wonderful reason to celebrate!

Planning a wedding could be a very taxing job. It is the most elaborate event to organize. Most of us have jobs, a busy family and social life, and household responsibilities. Adding a wedding to plan is too much to handle on your own. An average wedding takes about two to three hundred hours to plan. This time should be used to envision your dream wedding instead of laboring for its many details.

As much as it is fun to think about wedding plans it is not as easy as it seems. Murphy’s Law states that “If anything can go wrong, it will, at the worst possible moment.” That is where wedding coordinators come to our aid, to break Murphy’s Law on your wedding day by being prepared and equipped to handle wedding emergencies.

Wedding coordinators used to be a luxury, but now it is essential to a well planned event. Hiring one saves you both time and money by helping you come up with a wedding that is tailored fit to your budget and preference. They can take advantage of discounts available to the trade only. A wedding planner will add cost to your budget but a good planner can help you save a lot of time, money and effort almost enough to cover the cost of hiring them.

They guide you in the whole process by supplying you with planners, checklists, helpful articles and a list of reliable resources for all your wedding needs. Moreover, they can do the walking and talking for you. No need to visit every possible venue and to meet up with numerous photographers, musicians, caterers and vendors. They can attend meetings on your behalf.

Wedding planners have a good fashion sense. They are in the know with the latest style and trends. They are imaginative and resourceful. They are artisans who assist you to come up with creative, original ideas to make your wedding a wonderful event to be remembered.

Most common mistakes can be avoided with a wedding professionally planned. Often times we make mistakes like not sticking to the budget or hiring the wrong photographer. With a coordinator to guide you, you will be able to save on some things and spend on what you prioritize more. They would often advice you not scrimp on your budget for the photographer as the guest will forget about your food and other details but the pictures will always be there for you to cherish and show off years after the big day.

Although you may be organized and well-meaning friends and family members might offer help, it is best to leave it to the expert who has broader knowledge and experience in this industry. Besides, you planned your wedding for ten months and dreamt of it your whole life. Why would you want to work that day? Furthermore, your wedding is for your family and friends to enjoy too.

Most importantly, you need a coordinator to orchestrate the wedding day itself. You need not worry about wedding day emergencies like stains on dresses and runs on stockings. They can even act as a mediator to simple family arguments about the event. The planner will now serve as a buffer between the bride and the problem. You can have peace of mind and focus on the excitement and joy of this wonderful day. All you have to think about is how beautiful you are and how happy you will be to say I do to the man you love. So go on and leave the worrying to the planner and concentrate on your role as a blushing bride. This is your day and all eyes will be on you. So smile, laugh, cry, dance and be happy. Have a fun and stress free wedding!

If you do decide to hire a wedding coordinator, do not forget to check references. It is also important that you are compatible with them so you can have fun planning you big day!

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