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Travel to the Oregon Coast is like taking a trip to a wonderland of natural beauty. No other place on earth offers quite the same mixture of rustic and nautical appeal. Along this West Coast paradise you can find high country hideaways, complete with breathtaking rivers, timber and all the creatures living harmoniously in their natural habitat. On the other hand, if you are a lover of the mystique beauty of the sea, the Oregon Coast will not disappoint you. You will have plenty of opportunity to explore the grandeur of the Pacific Ocean and the charming little coastal towns along the shore. From its northern coast to the south shore you will find a wonderful combination of relaxation and adventure.

One of the most notable destinations on the coast of Oregon is Newport. This lovely little town has much to offer the vacationer. The old town near the docks feature several quaint souvenir shops, cafes and museums. The Under Sea Gardens is located near the docks and they offer whole different type of museum. When you descend below in this beautiful building you will find yourself in a tank, which is home to many sea creatures whose natural habitat is in the pacific.

Across the street is the wonderful, but unusual, Ripley’s Believe It or Not. If this isn’t enough fun for you, you may always choose to take a boat charter out to the open sea and observe the coast from offshore; but if deep sea fishing is more your style, you will also have ample opportunity to do this as well. By all means, don’t leave Newport until you have had the opportunity to visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium. This showplace for marine habitat is one of the best and most stunning in the world and well worth a visit.

Just two hours drive down the coast is another great place to visit. Coos Bay has been called the San Francisco of the Northwest and is among Oregon’s most interesting towns. The hustle and bustle of this small city cannot compare with that of San Francisco, but it is undeniably a jewel of the West Coast. Coos Bay is the largest costal industrial port between Seattle Washington and San Francisco California and large ships are frequently seen in the Bay off the costal highway.

Once you begin to explore Coos Bay you will be pleasantly surprised by the charming coffee shops and boutiques. You will also discover a boardwalk along the city’s old waterfront. The boardwalk is two-thirds of a mile long and covered pavilions are provided for those whom would like to spend some time relaxing and watching sea vessels come into port. Not too far away is the little fishing village of Charleston Bay, and the wonderful shoreline of Bandon Beach.

If you are looking for some thrills, a boat trip up the Rogue River from Gold Beach is an exhilarating experience. Don’t be surprised if you see a bear or two. The Oregon Coast is a great example of nature’s treasures.

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