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Planning a vacation can be a very stressful task. Especially if you are planning a trip with your entire family! You wish for the whole family to enjoy so you must pick a place that all will enjoy. But how and where would you go? There are many wonderful vacation spots for the family that can be found right here in the United States. Let us now consider 3 of America’s top rated places to visit.

Walt Disney World

Families from all over the world migrate to Orlando, Florida in search of a magical adventure. Walt Disney World consists of four huge theme parks; Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM Studios and the Animal Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom is a colossal fun factory. A family could spend hours having fun there. Kids love it and parents enjoy the nostalgic feel of being a “kid again”. MGM Studios puts you in the driver’s seat to fun and excitement untold. Get on the rides of your favorite movies and shows. They have many new rides this year so check it out!

When planning your trip to Walt Disney World, you must take into consideration the time of year when you will be going. If you plan to go during summer vacation, plan on being there with thousands of other families who had the same idea. Heat can be a problem in the hot summer months as well. Remember that food inside the theme park can be very expensive so plan to eat enough just to hold you over for dinner. Make sure that the kids are aware of this as well. If they realize that they may have to skip dessert if they get that big bag of popcorn, they may reconsider. As with every vacation, advanced planning and a good schedule accounts for a successful vacation.

Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone National Park

Every 76 minutes, Old Faithful faithfully puts on a show. She shoots over 8,000 gallons a steaming hot water into the sky. Park rangers have measured this ascension to be some 150 feet! What a tremendous display of natural power! You and your family will enjoy this natural wonder. Old Faithful is one experience that is remembered forever. If not in the eyewitness, then in the second hand accounts passed down from him. The family as a whole will enjoy this beautiful display. The best time to visit the Old Faithful geyser would be in late summer to early fall. This way, you will beat the summer crowd and also beat the winter chill. Regardless of what time you visit, the Old Faithful geyser is sure to leave a lasting impression on your heart.

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is a natural wonder that is not only awe-inspiring, but also humbling. Visiting the Grand Canyon can be an enlightening experience for the whole family. Plan well when you visit the Grand Canyon! The best time to visit the Canyons would be the spring or fall. The weather is agreeable for all and the area is inviting. But if you must travel in the summer time it is important to remember that while the temperatures at the North and South Rims are in the mid seventy or eighties, the temperature on the canyon floor soars well over 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you plan on traveling to the canyon floor, either by jeep, mule or by foot, please prepare for intense heat in the summer time. Also keep in mind that these extreme temperatures on the canyon floor are very unsafe for children. Here’s a tip: Although the North Rim is closed during the months of late October to March, the South Rim is open and it’s discounted! It may be chilly, but you will have a marvelous time when traveling to the Grand Canyon during these months.

Grand Canyon National Park offers many canyon touring adventures. You can book a jeep, a helicopter, a bus, a train and even a mule. The mule rides are of such high demand that you must book your spot well over a year in advance! If you are like most and wish to see the spectacular views, head over to the North Rim. There you will find peace and tranquil environments, beautiful and breathtaking scenery and not so many tourists! For a memorable experience to for all time, take an overnight mule ride to Phantom Ranch. It’s guaranteed to impress a cherished memory in your mind.

Other Destinations

Of course there are many other vacation spots in the United States to visit, but we’ve just named the top three that have been ranked time and time again as the all time favorite vacation spot. Vacationing is fun, exciting and good medicine for the whole family. Planning a road trip to these destinations can strengthen the bond even more, giving your family time to converse with one another. Nothing beats good quality time spent with the family. And when your vacation is combined with good and wholesome experiences, you and your family will remember it for years to come.

Amazing National Park Vacations

The nearly 400 areas that make up the United States’ network of National Parks are varied and diverse. Almost every state and several U.S. territories boast these wonderful outdoor recreation areas, each one a bit different from the rest. From the Statue of Liberty National Monument in New York to the far reaches of Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park, vacationers could travel for years and never be bored with the sights and sounds of these fascinating landmark parks.

From sea to shining sea, National Parks are beckoning visitors to come and explore all that they have to offer. Some of the country’s most visited National Parks, such as Yellowstone and Yosemite, literally welcome millions of vacationers each year. Especially popular with families and nature lovers, a trip to the National Park of your choice can be a true adventure vacation, with activities that will knock your socks off. Or if you prefer, your National Park vacation can be calm and serene, with the opportunity to sit back, relax, and view some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.

National Park Activities
Each National Park offers something unique. Many are historical in nature and feature wonderful opportunities to visit sights that played an important role in the shaping of America. Check out Valley Forge National Historic Park in suburban Philadelphia, where you can view the fields where George Washington and his men slept during the cold winter of 1776.

Travel towards the southern U.S. and tour the battlefields of the Civil War like the one at Manassas National Battlefield, the sight of the first battle of Bull Run. Make a stop in Washington, DC, the area that has the highest concentration of parks and landmarks overseen by the National Park Service.

If you or your family prefer an active vacation, head West to the wild National Parks located in Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming, California, Utah, Nevada, and Montana.

Whitewater rafters will want to make a stop in any of a number of exciting National Park destinations where they may enjoy the best of the sport. Consider Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona for a trip on the mighty Colorado River or Texas’s Big Bend National Park, where you can enjoy an incredible excursion down the Rio Grande.

Hiking and biking are also favorite activities throughout many of the nation’s parks. Most are home to well-groomed trails, suitable for hikers of varying experience levels during the summer and cross country skiers in the winter. Mountain bikers flock to parks that offer exciting high-speed rides through the mountains, like Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado or Blue Ridge in North Carolina and Virginia.

There’s so much more to see and do that the possibilities are endless. At America’s fine National Parks, you can go swimming, climbing, boating, skiing, fishing, horseback riding, and so much more. You’ll see mountains, glaciers, volcanoes, pristine seashores, and national monuments that will give you goose bumps.

Choosing a National Park
To find the National Park that best fits your wishes for the perfect vacation, determine your favorite activities or which part of the country you wish to visit then check out the National Park Service website for both geographical and categorical listings for each park.

Consider booking your accommodations inside the park as well. You’ll find an amazing selection of eclectic lodging, suitable for every budget, from camp sites and modest cabins to comfortable lodges and award-winning luxury five-star resorts.

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