Travel Documents — Passports & Visas for International Trips

When we hear things about traveling to a foreign country we always hear people asking if you have everything you need to get into that country and also if you have everything you need to get back into your country of residence. Most people are not completely sure what travel documents you need and in some cases people often experience problems traveling to different countries because they don’t have the proper documentation.

One the most popular questions asked is what is a travel document and who needs one. If you are not a United States citizen, you may need permission to return to the United States after traveling to another country abroad. You may attain this permission through a travel document. Travel documents may also be given to people who want to travel but who cannot attain a passport for their country of residence for any particular reason.

There are numerous types of travel documents. The most common and widely used form of travel document is a passport. With a passport you can attain entry into almost any country without problems. The passport contains all the information about a person and it is also a record of where they have traveled and of how long they have stayed in one country. Travel between some countries does not require a passport, for example between the United States and Canada but traveling with it is that much easier.

When you plan a trip to a particular country then you should also make a point of knowing what kind or if any restrictions they place on travel documents. For example there are some countries that require that your passport be valid for a period of six months beyond that dates of your travel. This means that if you are traveling and your passport expires two days after your trip is over, some countries may not permit you to enter or leave. You should always make sure that you renew your passport when needed. You do not want to assume everything is fine and then encounter problems while traveling.

Another form of travel document that may be needed is a letter stating the purpose of your trip. For example, if you are traveling to England to study then you are required to present a letter stating how long you will be staying and the purpose of your trip. This letter should be presented upon entry into the country and will be reviewed by officials. The appropriate party must notarize this letter. There is a slight chance that you will not be permitted into the country as they may feel that you are intending on working instead of attending school.

If you are traveling for the purpose of work you will also need to have a work visa prior to landing in a foreign country. This work visa will permit you to enter the country and to work for a period of time. Once again this travel document must be presented upon entry into the country.

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