Keeping A Marriage Strong and Healthy

Keeping your marriage strong is essential in today’s time. Fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce, which makes it even more important to learn how to keep your marriage healthy and thriving. Marriage is hard work when you consider you are bringing two people together who have different feelings, thoughts, and values to live together for the rest of their lives. This is bound to cause conflict if you do not work to keep your marriage bond strong. Here are some tips to keep your marriage thriving.

Keep talking. Communication is a vital part of any marriage. Honest conversations with your spouse about finances, children, and your feelings can help the two of you to build a bond that will never break. Dishonesty breeds distrust, which can severely cripple a marriage. Talking about your day and what is happening in your life makes you feel closer to your spouse. Keeping the lines of communication open with honest, frank talk is a great way to get your feelings out there so that your spouse understands you more and knows what you need, rather than you expecting your spouse to read your mind.

Physical touch is important too. Hugs, kisses, and touches are a way to connect with your spouse. With children, it is sometimes hard to find time to really talk and connect, but when you touch your spouse on the shoulder or the back, they know that you are there and that you care about them. This can make a big difference in your relationship. Sexual intercourse is another way to stay connected. You don’t have to have it everyday, a couple of times a week will help to strengthen your connection with your spouse and strengthen your marriage.

Forgive. Your spouse is not perfect and, I hate to point it out, neither are you. You are both imperfect creatures that are going to make mistakes. Wouldn’t you rather forgive than let it build inside you until you are in a rage? Forgiveness means that your spouse understands when they make a mistake that you still love them. That is not to say that you might be irritated at them for a little while, but you will forgive them and pick back up where you left off.

Trust. Trust is something that must be earned and built. It does not appear overnight and there is no magic way to get it. Trust is created by an open and honest relationship and giving your spouse a “soft place to fall.” In this way, your spouse knows that you are their biggest fan and supporter and you believe that they can accomplish anything.

Take time for self. This is very important for both men and women, but women are most likely the ones that do not follow this advice. As women, we get caught up in taking care of everyone around us and our own self gets ignored. Then one day, we wake up and don’t know who we are anymore. This is why it is so important to have your own goals, dreams, and desires to keep yourself grounded.

All of these things work together to make a strong and happy marriage. A marriage should always be growing – otherwise it is dead. Each partner should be working toward making a better marriage. A “perfect” marriage will never be achieved, but with work, your marriage can be strong in storms and sunshine.

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