Quality Time With Your Children

If you have children, then I am sure that you wonder if you are doing enough for them. Are you spending enough quality time with them doing healthy activities or is it more of the quantity time spent in front of the television? Television is a major part of family activities these days, but we all need to move away from the television to more healthy activities with our children. I am not saying that we need to throw the television out the door, but we need to monitor what our children watch and how much time we all spend in front of it.

Reducing Television Time
Have you ever counted how much time the television is on in your house? Even if you are a stay at home mom, how much time is the television on while you are working in the house? You may not be physically sitting in front of it with all of your attention focused on it, but it is on and your are half listening or half watching it while you are on the computer, sweeping, folding clothes, etc. If you added up the amount of time that the television is on per day and compared it to the number of hours that you are awake, I am sure that you will be completely surprised to learn that the television is on 80 or 90 percent of the time that you are awake and at home.

When is the last time you turned off the television and played a game with your children or went outside with them? I know you are busy, but before we know it, our children will be grown and we will be wondering where the time went. Housework will always be around, but our children will grow up and start their own families. I am not condoning letting your dishes pile up to the ceiling, but does laundry have to be done when there is just a few pieces of dirty clothes in the hamper?

Television can be used for quality time with your children also as long as it is not the only activity that you do with your children. Mix up the activities – games, outside play, crafts, and television – to create more interest and memories with your children. Children enjoy doing things with their parents and even doing something as simple as letting them help you cook creates quality time with them and strengthens your bond. Use your imagination to come up with opportunities for spending quality time with your children. You may be surprised by how easy it is to work it in to your day and your routine.

Children thrive on attention. If they do not get the right kind of attention from you, then they will try to get any kind of attention, whether good or bad. If you have several children, make time for some one-on-one time at least once a week. This does not have to be a long and drawn out process. It can just be taking one child with you to the grocery store or to grab take-out. Use the time in the car to ask them about what is going on with them and in their lives.

Adding those special quality moments with your child does not have to be and should not be a chore. Your children will appreciate and flourish from any time that you put everything else aside and concentrate your attention solely on them. So put aside your dirty laundry and dishes, and read to your child. You’ll be glad you did!

Lessons Children Bring

Some of life’s greatest lessons need not come from educated adults or philosophy geniuses. Adults, because of humdrum trappings forget that the innocence of children can sprout seeds of encouragement and spirit into our everyday living. It’s amazing what lessons children can bring the diluted minds of so-called matured individuals. If we just observe and listen, we can be witnesses of the young minds’ portrayal of forgotten beauty of this life and the world we all live in.

What is Love?
The Holy Bible, Mr. Webster and millions of other writers around the globe over the centuries have peeled what love is all about in all forms of literary writings there is-poems, short stories, films, novels, etc. Most of us are familiar with lines like “Love is the only thing that keeps me sane” by Sue Townsend, or “There is no power on earth that can withstand the power of love. By loving our enemies, we turn them into friends” by Stella Terrill Mann. They have all been said, or so we think.

How about the children? How do you think they define love? There are moments with children so beautiful and endearing; you know they cherish them for they know they feel loved. Like a hug a mother gives her child after coming back from school, that’s a gentle touch of love children will not exchange for anything. A ready sandwich and glass of juice on the table prepared by a big sister could mean the whole world to a young child. At present, you never know when an act of kindness will draw people together. With children, simple things could mean the biggest stuff toy or the best family vacation; all is love to them- however small, however ordinary.

Saying Sorry
In our imperfect world where each individual finds it difficult to acknowledge his flaws, more so apologize for a wrong thing said or done, we need to see through children’s easy way to say sorry or forgive an enemy. Do you realize that children are quick to utter the words: “I am sorry, can you forgive me?” In playful modes, children can calmly say, “Let’s forget what happened and play” with no dash of hatred or revenge. If this world will be perfect, each individual should come equipped with a forgiving mechanism that he can use to alleviate conflict, differences, discrimination and other forms of prejudices; like that of children. And confidently, this world will be a better place for you and me.

Enjoying small pleasures
Many adults are guilty of being slaves to technology and enticing pleasures like trips around the world, a top-of-the-line cell phone, and the newest collection of high-end bags. They don’t realize that the most satisfying moments are from collections from everyday life. Think of children’s average routine- waking up to kiss and greet everybody, eating what’s served on the breakfast table, saying no to an offer that he doesn’t like, agreeing to a friend’s invitation to play, going home before the sky hits dark and saying whatever thoughts he has in his mind.

Children say and do things without cynicism and they’re happy, which if adults will adapt will bring about new sparks of hope in this world. How many times have you woke up and left the house without forgetting to greet your parents? How many times have you complained why eggs were served to you at breakfast and not pancakes? Was there ever a time that you ever said YES to an offer you can’t stand? When was the last time you did not decline a friend’s invite for coffee because you’re too occupied? And with a nightlife you have, when was the first time you begged off to go to a party because you didn’t want your parents to stay up late waiting for you?

While it is true that adults cannot control the demands of the world for it progresses like we do, it is incontestable that there is banal wisdom in taking things one day at a time. It’s best to know the creation of a special moment and small pleasures. They don’t have to be extravagant at all. Like children, a slice of chocolate shared with friends will do and they can rejoice for it’s already a blessing.

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