Relationships: Single Life — How is it?

Single life is choosing to live a life unattached whether temporarily or permanently. It could also mean deciding to dedicate a whole life for God’s vocation. The book “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” from the author Joshua Harris had this to say about people at their crossroads: “If you’re not ready for marriage, wait on romance.” If you are one of those courageous singles who have taken the challenge not to rush love and marriage, the next question is: “When is the right time to commit?

Romance is one of the greatest things that make us all alive that’s why for one person to give this up so he can wait for the right person is truly remarkable.

Single life – depending at what perspective you’re looking from – is both nurturing and lonely. Nurturing: because you own your time giving you full control over decision-making in your life. Lonely: if you have the wrong values and perceptions on relationships. With this belief, how then can you enjoy life when you’re single?

How being single can teach you things about yourself, to serve others and to establish discipline in your life? Here are some suggestions:

  • Don’t get distracted with the fact that you don’t have a partner. What Emory Austin said is true, “Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. But, sing anyway.” And contrary to beliefs, single life is also a full life if you know how to live it without disillusionments.
  • Get busy with your studies or work. But, learn to prioritize so you can still have time for other areas in your life.
  • Involve yourself in organizations. This way, you will meet more friends and expand your horizons.
  • Dedicate time for the Church. God calls certain people to the single life. The Church provides the best positive influences and it is where you can find what God has planned for you.
  • Appreciate your life no matter where you stand. Enjoy cheap thrills because happiness is a state of mind. It’s simple to be the happiest in our life if we have less expectations and passive surrender. When people begin to understand that happiness is not about being married or being attached to someone else, it will become clear to us that it is indeed a joy to live a single life.

The “singles” who have embraced single life (either by fate or choice) chose to not give in on fleeting pleasures and decided to re-examine their approach to relationship building. They don’t feel easily tempted. And though they are single, they don’t feel alone. These people have the makings of loyal partners for their attitude towards finding the right one amidst this world filled with promiscuity.

Enumerated below are some signs when it is time to say, “I do”:

  • You will know if you’re meeting your “answered prayer” and “perfect match”. Intuition will tell you if he or she is “the one”.
  • If you believe you have found the wisdom that will lead you to a fruitful romantic relationship, go ahead and commit.
  • When you seem to be ready and you’re at a place where you feel everything is right, start a relationship. But, keep this mind: “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” – Mignon McLughlin

And lastly, know this: the truth about married couples is also true to single people. Regardless whether you’re attached or not, you will find a common thread that runs through us all; that it takes full commitment to live both lives.

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