How to get the Best Tan?

Summer’s Tan Commandments

Admit it; most people want the best tan during summer. As long as going to the beach remains necessary or a status quo, there will be extensive demands to having the best desirable tan. Judging from the number of beach bums trooping to the best vacation beaches every summer, it will always remain a trend. It’s hard to blame them for wanting a slimmer and healthier look- an illusion being tan generates- for media, once again, has portrayed being tan and slim a standard of beauty across the globe. Think Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston. They are all tan and beautiful.

So, here’s a list of the summer’s tan commandments: effective ways to get the best tan, for those of you who want to try it for yourselves.

Hit the beach. Sun and water go well together. And there’s beach anywhere so this shouldn’t be a problem. Salt water helps us achieve a tanner look so it’s preferred by the majority to go to the beach when summer’s around the corner.

Bask under the sun with a suntan lotion. But put on sunscreen too to guard your skin against ultraviolet rays. Have a supply of sunscreen lotion with SPF20 and apply it on your body parts. The American Academy of Dermatology advised everyone to apply one ounce of sunscreen to the body every two hours.

Backyard sunbathing is cheaper and fun, too. Consider doing this on weekends with friends in tow. Just get dressed in your bikini, put on suntan, sunscreen, shades and lounge on a towel. Sometimes, the joy of sunbathing extends up to sharing fruit juices with friends or reading a novel while you sit up and look fabulously sexy in your hottest swimwear.

Tanning beds are so “in” right now. Thanks to technology for bringing this latest method for getting a tan. All you need is money and an appointment to your favorite salon. A bed rest under a tanning machine will do the works for you. Make sure to consult with your doctor before getting this treatment.

Smear some oil over your tanned skin to maintain that fresh tan look. Oil can give additional glow and will bring the actual tan color on your skin. Put on an oil maintenance formula every after bath to prolong your nice tan. Strut your stuff and make everyone envy your color.

Fake your tan if you want. Tanning sprays are used in Hollywood right now. It saves you the trip to the beach and the hassles of tan maintenance. Actors do it for their roles in films, TV or music videos. These sprays are also available in the market. The only catch is that it’s more expensive and it easily goes away. But tell me, what else people will not do to be beautiful? Yes it’s a trick, but it works!

After presenting to you the guidelines to getting the best tan, it’s time to say that too much sun can damage our skin, and worst, can cause skin cancer. Be sure to know your limitations when exposing yourself to the sun. There’s no doubt that being tan is beautiful but be careful to not overdo it.

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