Facial Exercises: Why Exercising your Face can be Good for You

Increasingly, more and more people are starting to be aware of the importance of physical activity in being healthy. Fitness clubs and gyms are beginning to mushroom everywhere across the globe. But just as the other parts of the body contain muscles, so does your face. Working out your face can do wonders for the blood circulation in this part of your body, making you look more youthful and more radiant. It can also improve the elasticity of your skin.

Basic Facial Exercises

Facial exercises require just a little fraction of your time. 5-10 minutes a day, for about thrice a week. The trick to maximizing the perks is to do it regularly for the rest of your life. Surprised? Well, you should not be. Just as any gym instructor or fitness trainer would certainly tell you, exercising must be a constant lifestyle. It must be a conscious commitment to taking one step forward towards being healthier.

One form of facial exercises is face tapping. This involves tapping certain areas of the face with the middle finger. The purpose of face tapping is to improve blood circulation in the face. The areas that should be tapped, as if you are tapping an iron to check if it is hot enough, are the under eye area, the brow bone, the bridge of the nose and along the laugh lines.

Another form of facial exercise is the ear massage. The ear massage helps make the face glow. It involves massaging the ears using the index finger and the thumb, and then pulling it upwards. Working it down from the tip of the ears, to the ear lobes and then to the rim of the ears.

Applying even pressure to the temples prevents wrinkles, promotes elasticity of the skin and lifts the eye area. This involves using the palm and the finger tips in pushing the temples upwards. Hold a couple of seconds, and then repeat for a few times.

Even the lip area can be exercised. This could be done by opening the mouth as wide as possible. Pull the sides of the mouth upward using the finger tips, holding for a few seconds and then relaxing. Repeating this a few times regularly will prevent lip lines from appearing at all.

The Perks

With the immense popularity of cosmetic surgery and alterations and with more and more people spending huge amounts of hard-earned money for procedures to make them look younger, facial exercises can help provide people with a cheaper alternative. Though the results are not as drastic; starting young and committing just a few minutes daily will certainly help make a face look age-less. Think of it this way, it is just similar to how everyone knows that exercise is still the best way to lose weight and be healthy. Exercising the face is definitely better than cosmetic surgery any day of the week!

So bear in mind that a facial a day keeps the wrinkles away.

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