Why Fast Food is Dangerous To Your Health

Fast food success has drawn much attention to the industry and the food itself. Animal rights advocates and health buffs alike criticize fast food on its effect on the health of its customers and the health of the globe. Not only is fast food proven to be bad for the health because of its high fat content and the probable health hazards fast food chains are prone to, but also its effect on employment and agricultural concerns.

Fast food = Bad Eating Habits

Fast food affinity is equated with bad eating habits. A typical meal from a fast food restaurant, say a serving of fries and a cheeseburger, amount to about 1,000 calories. This is about half of the recommended dietary allowance. This is mainly because of the large portions that fast foods are accustomed to serving. The tendency is for people to enlarge their appetites by eating beyond their limit, because of being afraid for the food to go to waste.

Fast food is everywhere. It is available from main commercial blocks to gas service stations. In short, it is available and accessible. This partnered with the biological propensity towards food high in fat and sugar, leads to widespread obesity.

A particular man filed a lawsuit in the United States against four fast food chains because, according to him, the fast foods’ greasy and salty food led him to being obese and unhealthy. Magnifying this issue, a documentary titled “Supersize Me” was created. This showed the life of a man who dined on fast food for an entire month. The result was tens of pounds gained.

Ultimately, dining regularly or almost totally on fast food will pose serious risks to one’s health. But it cannot be totally blamed for health problems. Mainly because it still rests on the person’s choice. There are plenty of fast food diners in perfect shape. The key is in moderation and smart choice.

Another issue in the fast food industry is the health hazards that fast food chains are prone to. A particular hazard is the E-coli bacteria that meat products are susceptible to. Because of the long supply chain through which fast food chains operate in, the handling and sourcing of the meat is very hard to monitor. This issue remains unsolved.

Employment and Agriculture Implications

Employment issues are also abundant in the fast food industry. Mainly because working in a fast food does not require a college diploma or reasonable career experience, fast foods employ teenagers as part-time crew and unskilled adults that accept low pay. There are widespread cases wherein workers were forced to work longer hours without pay.

The agriculture industry also suffers because of fast food chains. It has led to mass slaughters of cattle. Because fast food chains require so much meat and poultry, their demand leads them to make deals with large slaughter corporations. These deals and practices crowd out smaller businesses.

Fast food domination has several implications both for the health of individuals and for the health of the entire globe. Ultimately, people can exercise their power of choice responsibly. Be more conscious with what they eat and where their food came from. This is the starting point for a healthier lifestyle.

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  1. This topic interests me because me being one who doesn’t eat fast food much is always concerned about what is in all sorts of fast food products. Although fast food can make you overweight I believe it is always a good choice to eat your foods in moderation weather it’d fast food or any of the meals you consume.

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