Basic Room Improvement Tips: Cleaning, Decorating & Feng Shui

We owe ourselves a ship-shape room. So if you want to make order out of chaos and have an easier lifestyle, here are a few points for space improvement and an instant lifestyle-lift:

As we get older, we accumulate stuff from personal experiences and when there’s not much space to fill anymore, we find it difficult to breathe. Your space has to be your sanctuary or else, where would you go if you got nowhere to turn to? Create a home within your home. Your space is yours alone. It has to reflect your personal sense of taste. Celebrate your own individual style by designing it… all in the colors and stuff you want.

For many people, the idea of organizing is time consuming. There are dozens of ways available to get started but if you fear to make the first step, you’ll never have a large payoff later. Allot a day for going through your stuff so you can label those you will keep and can throw away. By the end of this, you can proceed tackling all your other room issues.

Feng Shui believes that you must allocate space for new items to turn up in your life, in other words, if you’re space equally looks like a junkyard, don’t expect for new items to come your way. Free some space, this will not only allow air to circulate in your room, but will let you achieve a personal oasis instantly. What you can do to the stuff you think do not perfectly fit your newly structured space is give them away. Or you can twist them to cash by putting them in a garage sale.

Follow a theme for a more personal look of your space. Make up your mind; choose how you want your space to look like zone by zone. Personal favorite items are the key. Don’t just buy nick-knacks because they’re trendy or they’re out in the stores. Besides, you can even bring out grandma’s books or sweater jacket to put as accents in some of your room corners if you really want to save money. That little sentimental touch can fuel drama that only you can pull off.

A fabulous space is no use if it’s all glamor or personal art. You have to be able to work out a focal point in your space. The mood every time you enter your room must be similar to coming home with a ready bed to welcome you in. Another important factor? Having a sense of control that will help you solve your complicated, busy life. And how to have it? Post, if writing it down is not enough, a task-list so you can set out on a competent everyday journey. Maximize your time and make your each morning and night count. Being warned that you have a list to do is not bad, not feeling responsible for it is. Change is effective when you apply it in all aspects of your life.

Once you diligently conform to this rule, you’re absolutely going to be one regular happy person.

Brag your space and influence them to rearrange their space as well. Teach them a thing about simple organizations and discuss with them other possible techniques for home design and changing lifestyle for the better. Friends come together because they are fueled by mutual passions, the next best thing after a makeover is to share with them what you have learned and how much are you willing to do after. This could trigger them to do the same and the seeds of your friendship may even grow a little healthier.

Improve your Life with Feng Shui

We know what everybody wants — improvement in his or her life financially, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Every now and then, people seek change and want a little difference in their life especially if it’s not going too well for them. Knowing the basic art of Feng Shui can help you create a more organized space for you and your family and gain prosperity just by following easy tips and steps to improve your life with Feng Shui.

Feng Shui  is purposefully arranging the stuff around you to gain positive results. All stuff means all your worldly possessions. Feng Shui is not meant to replace your religion; it is simply a collection of environment-oriented information everybody can consult for life enhancement.

Ch’i means energy in Chinese. Feng Shui plays with energy to better enhance your environment. Once you shift energies, you cure and make remedies.

Ever heard of people acquiring tools to attract prosperity? Many believe that symbols that remind you of wealth and abundance can actually bring good luck and can change one’s destiny. Lillian Too, a well-renowned Feng Shui expert gathered her list of effective Prosperity tools. Take your pick.

  • Three-Legged Toad with a coin in its mouth – this attracts good fortune into your homes
  • Sailing Ships for Wealth – symbolizes successful voyages bearing wonderful treasures
  • Money Plant -signifies growth and wealth
  • Treasure Pot of Gold – signifies collection of abundance of wealth
  • Personal Wealth Vase – this should contain your collection of precious items
  • Golden Dragon fish (Arowana) – is a powerful energizer of health, luck and happiness
  • Prosperity Gold Coins – this brings endless good luck
  • Feng Shui Jewellery – generates cosmic ch’i that brings good fortune
  • Prosperity Gem Trees – signifies continual growth
  • Auspicious turn-tables – helps you enjoy abundant blessings in the household

On the other hand, if you’d rather go for self-motivation and re-organization, here are some surefire cheap strategies to accumulate wealth into your life:

Affirm that you want to move up so you can live abundantly. Forget losing business, borrowing money or getting to a point where you’re dry financially. Dream big and wonderfully picture yourself having a home and really owning it. If possible, create a wish list of things you want to roll in your life. Having the right mindset can make a huge difference and can really enhance your attitude towards living life positively. There’s power in believing.

Remove clutter reigning in your house. Clean your mess so you can send out negative energies propagating in your homes. Your stuff doesn’t have to be the best items in the market; they just need to be clean and neat. Also, let air circulate and give room for new items. Putting order in your home can instigate order in your life, too.

Share what you have. Give freely. Eventually, you’ll meet generous people that will do the same to you. It’s like the Universal law of Karma: “You reap what you sow”. And please, do this with a sincere heart expecting nothing in return. At the end of the day, you will be proud of yourself for doing something good to the world.

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