Great Health Careers with Two Year Degree Programs

The need for health workers is ever growing especially high is the demand for workers with specialized knowledge. For example, 90% of all graduates from community colleges in Massachusetts secure employment after graduation. That kind of success rate is found across the country since community colleges are training people in some of the hottest, most in demand health careers in the country. Additionally, community colleges are often less expensive per semester hour, located closer to home and provide a more individualized student focused program than most 4 year programs.

Here are just ten of the health professions you can enter with a two year degree:

*Dental Hygiene
*Medical Billing and Coding
*Emergency Medical Technician
*Diagnostic Medical Sonography
*Physical Therapy Assistant
*Radiology Technician
*Licensed Practical Nurse
*Respiratory Technician
*Activities Director
*Phlebotomy Technician

Beyond employability, there are other reasons for choosing a community college two year degree program:

  1. You get to enter a health care career relatively quickly and then can explore other options once you are more knowledgeable about the field.
  2. Most state sponsored community college credits are accepted toward a same state run four year college.
  3. Once you are employed in the health field, it’s fairly common to find that employers will help pay for ongoing education and training under a tuition assistance program.
  4. Once you are working in a particular field, there are typically scholarship funds from professional associations for those who wish to pursue higher education.
  5. Community colleges offer online learning, self-paced learning and often have student learning centers to lend assistance to the returning student who may need a bit more encouragement, support or direction in going back into an academic setting.

No matter what two year program you choose, be sure to check with your state to ensure that the college is accredited and also learn if additional testing or certification beyond graduation will be required.

Making a sound decision in your education and career path will ensure a healthy future!

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