Four Reasons to Consider a Community College Education

If you want to pursue an educational goal but are feeling uncertain about enrolling in a four year program, then here are four great reasons why you should consider obtaining your education at a community college:

1. Price. The bottom line is often the bottom line. If you simply are discouraged by the cost of a college education, then you will find that most community colleges are a great bargain. Community colleges generally cost less per credit hour than four year colleges.

2. Flexibility. You can complete a two year program at a community college and achieve a good education which will open new career paths. But if you choose, you can then apply your community college credits to a four year degree program. Most state sponsored colleges will accept complete transfer of course credits from same state-sponsored community colleges.

3. Career Enhancement. If you are in a satisfying career path, you might be content to “stay right where you are” but you won’t keep pace or keep your job if you don’t improve your skills. Community colleges offer classes in everything from computer technology to website design to communication skills to leadership development. A few courses can help you not only to remain employed but to be considered a “top notch” choice for career advancement!

4. Choices. Community colleges offer a great number of choices to meet the needs of adults in the workplace or who need a bit of extra help in re-entering the academic world. In addition to the traditional classroom setting, you can find on-line and distance learning, self-paced learning and classes which offer a combination of classroom time with internships at local businesses.

So what are you waiting for? A great education is waiting for you at your community college!

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