The 5 Commandments of Packing

Proper packing can make or break a great vacation. Packing is usually considered of lesser importance than hotel or airline reservations and is left to the last minute. What most people do not realize is that going on a vacation without properly packing is like going to war without the necessary gear; you may have the gun but you did not bring any ammo.

  1. The Perfect Luggage. The perfect luggage should have retractable rollers; the rollers help you move your heavy luggage around without asking for assistance from strangers or airport personnel, while the retractable feature gives you the option to bring out the rollers only when you need it.The luggage should also have a built-in lock to safeguard its contents; if a built-in lock is not available, ordinary locks can also be used as long as it is not too big.

    Straps, removable or otherwise, are ideal only for carry-on luggage; they make it easier for you to carry your them around but make sure it is tucked properly whenever your bag goes through the conveyor belts to prevent any unfortunate incident of your bag getting stuck  and being damaged in the process.

  2. Divide and Rule. You should always have at least 2 sets luggage, your main or checked luggage and your carry-on luggage.  Your checked luggage should contain the bulkier items such as clothes, shoes, portable dryer and so on. Your carry-on luggage should contain your more valuable items such as jewelry, electronic gadgets, money, travel documents, and identification cards; not only will your valuable items be safer, they will be more accessible should you need them.
  3. Health is Wealth. Always bring a first aid kit, especially if you’re going to an exotic destination. You never know if know if you’re going to need an anti-histamine to combat an allergic reaction from eating seafood, or if you’re favorite anti-migraine brand is even imported in the country you’re visiting in.Place you’re first-aid kit in your carry-on luggage for better access; it will also be easier to monitor the condition of temperature sensitive medication like insulin.

    To prevent suspicion and unnecessary interrogation with immigration security, bring your medication in its original packaging; and if you are carrying prescribed drugs, bring your prescription with you as well.

  4. Liquid Dreams. If you must bring your favorite shampoo, body oil or other liquid items with you when you travel, wrap them in a plastic bag first before placing them in your luggage to protect your dry items.  Avoid bringing liquids packaged in glass, repack them in plastic containers. For certain items that cannot be repacked such as perfume, place them in your carry-on luggage.Check the amount of the liquid, it should not be more than ¾ of its container; the ¼ serves as an allowance in case the luggage is crushed or there is drastic temperature change.
  5. Kodak Moments. Airport x-rays can ruin camera film so it is more practical to buy your film when you arrive in your area of destination, after you’re luggage has been x-rayed; and it is more practical to have it developed before you leave, to prevent the used film from being ruined by airport security. If you do not have one yet, get a digital camera. Digital cameras are less bulky than conventional cameras; they neither need film nor do the images have to be developed right away. Instead of film, you will need a media card which is smaller and easier to carry; once your media card is filled up you can have your pictures developed, have the images burned onto a cdr or upload it on the internet.
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