What a Life Coach Can Do For You?

Are you feeling stuck in your job? Wondering about making a move but uncertain if it is the right thing to do? Concerned about making a life changing decision? Maybe you’ve got a goal to try a new career or finish that novel?

Just like a pro athlete takes the advice of a coach to improve performance, you can seek the guidance of a life coach to help you achieve your personal or professional goals, to help you evaluate options, to perform to your full potential or fulfill a dream.

What does a life coach do?
A life coach is someone who serves as an ally, guide and mentor. A life coach will not “tell” you what to do but will help you identify your goals, assess your options, develop strategies to meet your goals and then help you track your progress or make adjustments as might be needed.

When you seek the services of a life coach, here’s what you can expect:

  • To be listened to and not judged.
  • To be inspired.
  • To be encouraged and prompted in finding ways to meet your goals.
  • To be participating in the process of developing goals and working on solutions.
  • To try new options and possibly new behaviors.
  • To fulfill commitments in working toward your goals.

Finding a life coach might be as simple as opening the local phone book but it’s best to seek the recommendations of family, friends or co-workers. If you do find a life coach through an advertisement or phone listing, be sure to ask for references.

Fees for life coaching services vary considerably but you can expect that you will be paying anywhere from $75 – $200 an hour.┬áThis might seem a steep price but do remember that you can set a contract with your life coach that suits both your pocketbook and your goals. Some people use the services of a life coach when they are making major life transitions where others want a long-term relationship with a life coach if they are dealing with a longer term goal such as a career change.

“Keep your eye on the prize” is the time-proven advice of those who know how to fulfill their goals in life. A life coach is indeed the person who can help you not only “keep your eyes on the prize” but also help you to succeed in reaching your goals.

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