Dealing with Angry Customers: Handling Customer Care

If you have ever been in a situation or scenario in which you have had to work with customers, then you most certainly know what it’s like to deal with angry ones. The question is: how do you transition angry customers to happy ones?

Here are several tips to consider as you work with angry customers. These tips should help you effectively turn their anger around and hopefully win back their loyalty!

Review all situations objectively
Remember that when a customer is angry, they are likely angry at the situation, not at you. Therefore, keep your cool and put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Review their concerns and address them in such a way as to make right all matters in which they have been wronged. If you believe there is a situation that you cannot handle on your own, make sure you get a manager or supervisor involved. Sometimes angry customers feel better if they believe someone “higher up” is helping them.

Listen carefully to your customer’s real concerns
For example, if you manage a restaurant, and you serve a dish to a customer that is not what they ordered, take time to find out what they really wanted, and then get that for them as soon as possible. If you have the capability, give them a free meal, appetizer, or dessert to compensate for your inadequacy in servicing your customer’s initial expectations.

Deliver beyond their expectations
To effectively take an angry customer and make them happy again, listen to what they need and then deliver what they want plus something extra. For example, if you manage a hotel and your customer is inadvertently put in the wrong room (“smoking” when they requested “non”), give them a new room with either an upgrade or free room service. Another option is to work out a deal with a local casual dining restaurant to send them to courtesy of the hotel. This will help turn angry customers into happy ones and will ensure repeat business.

Remain calm
No matter how angry or obnoxious a customer can get with you, remain calm at all times. If a customer is angry, they will be less likely to remain angry at you if you remain calm, polite, and positive. You may even hear an apology for their initial anger.

Diffuse the situation
Work alongside your customer to diffuse the situation. Take notes on what has upset your customer and work with them to make the situation right in their eyes. Reassure your customer that you are there to help them, and that you will do all you can to help make things better for them.

There are likely other ways to work effectively with angry customers. Using the above five tips will ensure you are able to consistently work with angry customers in such a way as to not only make them happy with your service again, but hopefully will make them customers for life.

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