Money Making Ideas that Help you Make Ends Meet

There are few among us that wouldn’t welcome the chance to earn a little extra money. Need some ideas on how you can pick up some extra cash? Read on for some thoughts on getting “a few dollars more.”

Look Within
Do you have a talent that is valued by others?

If you are great with kids consider providing child care. You may want to contact your local Department of Resources to learn about licensing requirements. Bright from the Start, formerly The Office of School Readiness is also a good source of information related to child care.

If neighbors and friends clamor for your cooking consider catering. In these hurry up and rush days few things are more appreciated than a well-prepared meal. Increasingly, families are opting for personal chefs that prepare and store a week’s worth of dinners. You might also use your talents to help stage unforgettable parties. You will need to contact the Health Department to learn about licensing and inspection requirements.

If you missed your calling as a concert pianist consider offering lessons.

If you are creative consider making items that you can sell in boutiques or flea markets. Before you start, take a Saturday afternoon to peruse the markets and find the gaps. Ideally, your product will fill a gap rather than join an already crowded field.

If you are great with your hands consider a fix it or home repair business.

If you have a large store of items you no longer use consider a yard sale.

If you notice friends lamenting a lacking service or product in your area consider offering it.

If you have access to the Internet consider one of the many advertised home based businesses. Be careful on this path, it is paved with many disingenuous souls that would have you believe you can get rich overnight. Do not share any sensitive information (such as credit card or social security numbers) until you are certain that you are dealing with a reputable business dealer. Also, be realistic about your expectations in terms of the time commitment and the potential for profit.

To increase your chances for success in your extra money making venture: Explore these 3 key points as you develop your idea:

  1. Demand: will you provide a service that is needed.
  2. Ingenuity: what will make your product or service stand out for potential consumers.
  3. Marketing: how will your intended audience learn about your great idea.

With planning and patience you can launch a thriving business or tap a new source of income in the evenings or on the weekends. Begin with a budget and a solid plan and end with a little extra cash in your hand.



In this day and age, with the advent of the Internet, it is no longer necessary to leave your house to get a job. There are many jobs available that enable you to work from home and earn money. These are the classic work from home jobs.

Work from home jobs are available in a variety of formats. Right from proofreading to surfing sites and writing articles, there is a variety of work you can do at home. And the best thing is that you earn a lot of money along with the feeling that you are achieving something.

Where to find Work at Home Jobs
These jobs are available on the Internet as well as from advertisements. On the Internet, there are dedicated sites that tell you about work from home jobs exclusively. They offer jobs like computer work, translation, transcription, research, artwork and programming – jobs that can easily be done at home.

Other ways you can get these jobs is from the newspaper. Many companies advertise in newspapers and magazines and give their contact address and numbers so that people can apply. Many of these companies offer jobs that are to be done and submitted at the company’s office.

If you want such a job but do not know how to go about it, you can surf on the net and find good advice that you can follow to get a job. Many websites also offer jobs working for the websites themselves, and this can be simpler and more lucrative as well.

Be Careful of Jobs that Require Fees
But you have to be careful while taking these jobs. It sometimes happens that the company takes some money from you to give you the job, and then runs away with it. Such swindlers and scams are very common, and this is a business where they can get a lot of money.

But if you are careful enough to steer away from such companies and apply with trustworthy companies, a work from home job can earn you a lot of money. So why not try for a work from home job and earn money from home?


With the increasing scope of the Internet and of various technological advances, it is becoming easier to conduct a home business.

There is no dearth of home business ideas and each one sounds as good as the other. You can start almost any business from home if you can self motivate and discipline yourself. While you can start almost any business from home if you have viable home business ideas, you also need to realize that you cannot run a piggery, or a mechanic’s garage, or a orchid plantation from the spare bedroom or the attic in your house.

There are many ways to start your business from home. Some home based entrepreneurs’ start off quickly, while others go slow. How you move towards establishing your home business idea as a successful business option depends on the capital you have and the viability of the product/the idea in terms of timing, cost effectiveness, utility value, and demand.

Some popular home business ideas include running a currency exchange program, running online surveys for advertisements to judge the popular mood, planning events and meetings, tutoring students online, web designing, secretarial services, book keeping services, retailing, computer training, information broking, distributorship, and of course, the current craze, gourmet pet food production/marketing.

You could get in touch with a manufacturer or wholesaler to sell their products at negotiable prices to have a competitive edge. You could turn your special passion or hobby into a profitable venture, for example, gourmet pet food production/marketing. You need to be market savvy and tap a particular clientele. Not all pet owners would appreciate the idea of filling up their pets’ bowls with gourmet food. So you have to be able to tap into a niche market from the comfort of your home and earn a neat pile of money.

Online surveys do not require too much work, but bring in a nice amount of money to start off. Many companies require ordinary people to conduct surveys and offer opinion on their marketing research. All you have to do is find out what people want or what their response is to a particular product or advertisement. Once you fill out an online survey form, you will know all the details of your work and pay. You will get to know the amount of money to expect, the time you have to meet the survey deadline and a description of the survey you have to undertake.

Computer training and e-tutoring are profitable home business ideas. You could offer schools and colleges your services as a computer trainer from home. Similarly, you could offer your services as an online tutor and guide students and solve their problems, not in a classroom but from the comfort of your home.

Planning meetings and events is one of the most attractive home business ideas. You could offer your services as a planner of events and meetings. You can offer your special expertise in niche areas such as anniversaries, birthdays, or conferences. The work may take up your time beyond the eight-hour grind, but is immensely satisfying and fulfilling.

While there is no scarcity of ideas, you need to be determined to take them head on, if you want to run a successful home business.

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