Working at Your First Job: How to Impress Your Employer

It took awhile, but you finally landed your first job. Now you’re nervous, wondering what to expect and how to prove to your employer that you’re a good employee. Everyone else seems so confident, and you’re feeling as out of place as a hair stylist at a bald persons’ convention. You want to be noticed, but in a good way, not for being the new kid on the block, so to speak.

Everyone feels that way when they start their first job. For that matter, the first few weeks or months of any new job can be stressful and cause people a great deal of anxiety. But using these few tips you can wow your employer and make a positive impression on him or her, as well as your co-workers and will in a few days or weeks have you wondering just what you were so worried about.

Few people, even the grouchy maintenance guy, can resist a smile. It lets others know you’re friendly and open, which makes them want to be friendly and open. Try it. You’ll be amazed at how much tension can be released between people with a simple smile.

Be on time.
Any employer will look negatively on your being late. And that’s for any reason. As a member of the working ranks, you’re expected to plan ahead for traffic and anything else that could cause you to be late. This is especially important for first-timers who won’t be cut any slack for being late.

Follow the rules.
This should be obvious, but many people just don’t get it. When your employer says no personal calls or email, he or she means it. No matter what the rules are, even if you feel they’re unfair, you have to go by them if you want to make a good impression and more important, keep your job.

Limit personal calls and emails, even if they’re allowed.
Some employers are more relaxed about phone calls and personal email than others. Still, never abuse the privileges. The more often you’re caught, and you will be, talking on the phone for personal reasons, the less professional you’ll appear to your employer. Appearing unprofessional will prevent your employer from trusting you and can hamper your efforts to build a great working relationship with him or her.

Dress appropriately for the job.
If a uniform is required, wear it just as you are told to. And make sure it’s clean every time you show up for work. If you aren’t required to wear a uniform, make an effort to dress like those around you and maybe just a notch above. Caring for your appearance on the job shows an employer you care about both your own personal image and about the job too.

Always be willing to take on new chores and responsibilities.
Even when they’re not part of your job description. This doesn’t mean to become a doormat for an employer, but the more willing you are to tackle new tasks, the more positively your employer will see you-and give you even more responsibility, which usually means a promotion and salary increase as well.

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  1. Hi
    I’m just at a stage in my work where I have struggled in the current climate on a family therapy MA after completing the third year I have Made a decision to withdraw. I am finding my confidence at 57 has been deeply knocked and although I already have an MA and lots of experience in the therapy area of work and a social work degree I am doubting my work and ability.
    How can I pick myself up in my current role for eleven years I am thinking of a change but springing between doing something in an area that’s totally new and less pressured or staying with the same and re valuing the skills I have But each job I look at I feel incapable of applying for. I’m thinking this is a temporary feeling but it’s a hard place to be any ideas helpful.

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