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Business is defined as the commercial activity involving the buying and selling of commodities (goods and services). Businesses surround us in our daily lives — the shops in our neighborhoods and the advertisements that persuade us to buy their products, as well as many service related businesses. Have you ever thought of a career in business? From owning your own retail company to working in a Fortune 500 firm, the possibilities are endless.

Accounting is how businesses track their income and assets. Accountants are very involved in the recording of day-to-day business transactions, preparation of financial statements, tax strategies, tracking company financial performance and strategizing for growth and quality management. Accountants are good with numbers, enjoy detailed finances, and are a vital part of all businesses.

Marketing is the process of planning and executing the pricing, promotion and distribution of goods and services to buyers. Careers in marketing range from retail, market research, product management, to advertising and public relations. Marketing’s main function is to help companies sell their products. If you are creative and enjoy finding out about consumer’s choices and what makes products sell, then marketing may be the career for you.

Finance careers are for people who like to help others plan ways to protect and increase their bottom line. From banking and investing, to managing money, financial planners are very important to individuals and businesses. Insurance planners also provide a service to individuals and businesses to help manage risks and protect themselves. Real Estate careers also provide services within the real estate field, including mortgage banking, brokerage and leasing, property management and appraisals.

Consulting is a field which helps clients by providing advice and information to problems and solutions. Consultants help in every aspect of business and need to be extremely knowledgeable in their particular area of expertise.

Careers in business are never-ending. Many business jobs require higher education, expertise, and a driven attitude to succeed. If this sounds like a career choice for you, keep researching and you could find yourself in a rewarding, life-long profession!


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