Health Care Jobs for Writers

If you’ve got strong writing skills and some background in health care or expertise in nursing or medicine, then here are some possible career paths for you to explore.

Grant Writer
Many non-profit health organizations are constantly applying for grant monies to fund services to low income clients, underwrite the cost of research or to build a new care facility or treatment center. Grant writers research to learn which corporate and foundations might be the sources of such funding and then write a proposal trying to convince the potential donor of both the need and value of the project. Grant writing requires attention to detail and the ability to compose a compelling statement describing the project and why the funding is needed.

Communications Specialist
Almost every major hospital has a public relations office or community outreach/marketing office. Communications Specialists employed in these areas develop press releases, newsletters for employees and community health care professionals, devise advertising campaigns, respond to media requests and generally promote the services of the hospital to the community.

Technical Writers
These writers are the folks who create training manuals, catalogs, technical guides, instruction manuals, safety guidelines and highly specialized information for certain professions. Technical writers typically have expertise in a specific area ie., oncology, pharmaceuticals, infusion therapy. They may be involved in writing user guides, technical manuals and training materials particularly in the realm high-tech medicine.

Health Plan Writer
Typically these positions are at the “high end” of the health writer career path. A Master’s Degree is most often required along with expertise in health policy, public health or health program management. The Health Plan Writer researches, compiles data, analyzes data and findings and creates written reports which help to direct health planning for institutions or communities.

How do get started in a writing job in health care?  Consider getting a two year degree or certificate in communications/marketing or a B.A. in journalism or health field. Publish in any arena you can as you build your credits and credibility. Consider a graduate degree in public health administration or policy.

Keep watching for “open doors”, you’ll likely be surprised how many seats are available for writers in the health care industry!

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