Temping your way to Career Success

If you think temping is a “last resort” for the worker who cannot find full-time employment then here’s what you need to know about one of the best and most often hidden job opportunities currently available.

Temping Jobs
In the past, many temp agencies specialized in finding workers to perform secretarial, clerical or day labor services. Working for a temp agency was considered “filler” work. It provided a bit of income while you were looking for a “real” job.

But in today’s current employment market, temp agencies are recruiting not only workers for entry level jobs but also executives for top corporations. Placements can range from six months to a year and be a great way to explore a particular industry or company.

If you are concerned with job benefits such as health insurance, then you might be surprised to learn that many temp agencies are providing not only health benefits but also paid vacation time in order to lure and retain the best skilled workers.

Why might you want to place your name with a temp agency? You might be exploring new career paths and want an opportunity to test out a profession. You may be wishing to relocate or travel. You might want to work on a seasonal basis rather than year round. You may want to gain skills or experience in a particular area. You may want to learn which of your skills are the most marketable or how your transferable skills can be used in new work environments.

Temp work is no longer considered a “last option” by either employers or career professionals. In fact, a good temp experience could open doors by giving you access to peers and new circles of professional allies.

Why do employers want to hire temp workers instead of directly hiring employees through their own companies? First of all, employers can save much time in the recruiting, screening and interviewing process. Second, temp agencies allow companies to hire workers as needed.

When looking for a great career, you need to have lots of information and know your options. One of the best things you can do to advance your professional goals is to explore what a temp agency might be able to offer you.

If you’re ready to jump start your career or to change career paths, you are a great candidate for a temp agency. To be successful in getting a top assignment, you need to have excellent skills, a strong resume, be open to new possibilities, be ready to explore and above all, be flexible.

If you meet all those qualifications, then you’ll find yourself knocking on the door of career success.

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