The Power of Thank You Notes in Job Searches

The interview is over. You’re feeling great about how you handled all the questions. You give a sigh of relief thinking that you now only need to sit back and wait for the job offer. But the phone does not ring. At first, you think that maybe the competition was stiff. Another time you think that an internal applicant got the job. The third time you begin to wonder if you need to brush up on your interview skills.

True, it might be any of these reasons or more as to why you’re not hooking the job but did it ever occur to you to send a “thank you” note following your interview?

Sending Job Interview Thank You Notes
If you are not sending a “thank you” note following each job interview then you’re committing a faux pas in job search etiquette. If you think that a “thank note” is just a nicety, think again. Here are three reasons to send that post-interview thank you note:

  • You demonstrate professionalism.
  • You’ll stand out since most candidates never take the time to send a “thank you”.
  • You have the opportunity to add a comment or insight that was missed in the interview.

The post-interview thank you note should be written immediately following the interview and mailed within 24 hours. Be absolutely certain you have the correct spelling and title of the interviewer (be sure to get their business card at the end of the interview).

What should the letter include?

  • First, be sure to let the interviewer know that you appreciate the time he or she spent in the interview process.
  • Second, add a positive statement about something you learned about the position or the company.
  • Third, add a comment concerning something that was discussed during the interview. For example, if the employer made a passing comment about the company’s need to upgrade their software then you might add a note about how you’re ready to help the company employees through the transition.
  • Fourth, be sure to re-state your interest and availability.

Saying “thank you” will leave a strong and positive impression with any potential employer. You may be surprised to find that good manners can lead to a good job.

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2 thoughts on “The Power of Thank You Notes in Job Searches”

  1. Leaving a Thank You note is a very positive thing. That will let the interviewer know you took time to appreciate them and you are looking forward to being there in the future. Putting thought into them just as much as they do for you shows that you are a professional person that’s willing to grow as a team. This is something that I’ve actually done before and it shows that you have manners and know how to show it even if you don’t expect anything in return.

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