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Options for Paying for College: Loans and Grants to Consider

Paying for college is stressful in any situation, but with economic hard times facing many people, it becomes even more important to look for options that can help you to get your college student through school, or help you to … Continue reading

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Self-Confidence Boosts for Job-Searching Teens

Psyche Yourself Up to Get the Job You Want Looking for a job can be a disheartening thing for anyone at any age. This is especially true for you teenagers out there. It’s always hard to hear the word no … Continue reading

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Can Budgeting Software Help You to Stay on Track?

Budgeting software can be a helpful financial tool. For many families, the thought of planning a budget is daunting and overwhelming. Just the thought of it makes people avoid making a budget. However, a budget can be an incredibly helpful … Continue reading

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Accounting Abuses

Understanding accounting abuses. Continue reading

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Understanding Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is the body of knowledge that dictates the decisions a company makes about its finances. Continue reading

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Banking Terminology Abbreviations

Here are some not so common terms and abbreviations used in the banking industry. Continue reading

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Theme Weddings — Planning Ideas

Today an emerging and very popular trend in weddings is the theme wedding. The theme wedding allows you to express your own individuality while having the traditional element in your wedding. The theme wedding can be just about anything you can … Continue reading

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Why Hire a Wedding Coordinator?

Every little girl dreams of being a princess and to be swept off her feet by her Prince Charming. A wedding is the time in a girl’s life when they come to feel like the princess and the heroine of a … Continue reading

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Seatbelt Laws Save Lives

There was a time not too long ago when many people did not see the need to wear seatbelts while in a car, and not only that, rarely were people putting their children in car seats. With the passing and … Continue reading

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Stranger Awareness — Safety Information

In today’s society, it has become increasingly important to keep your eyes open and alert when in public. There are too many people who are ready to take advantage of individuals, and are looking for every opportunity when they believe your … Continue reading

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